5 Summer Essentials

With summer approaching I’d like to share a few on my go-to products I always have stocked in our home and use throughout the season for my myself and my family. I try to choose natural products as much as I can for us, and often I’ll even pay a bit more for a product if I know it’s natural and safer for our family.

  • 1. Chickweed & Clover Summer Spray. This yarrow and essential oil based spray not only keeps the bugs off my Littles, but is also there to soothe those little scraped knees, insect bites and sunburns. It doesn’t have the strong yucky insect spray smell, and lasts for a long time and I reach for it often.

  • 2. Original Sprout Sunscreen. We’ve tried quite a few natural sunscreens and I keep coming back to this one. I love the way it applies, going on smooth and not white or chalky. I really dislike greasy sunscreens that leave our our skin and hair looking yucky so this non greasy formula fits the bill for us. It absorbs fast, has 27 spf and doesn’t totally break the bank at $23. If your local in Grande Prairie, you can find it at Good to Grow.

  • 3. Eminence Skincare. Through the summer my skin gets oily from the heat, I’m touching my face more and causing breakouts from wiping sweat off my forehead , and I’m applying sunscreen at various times of the day which can cause blocked pores. I’ve tried SO many skincare lines and I always come back to Eminence. My last purchase was the red current Youth Shield kit. These products go a long way, so buying the kits give you a full skincare line and freedom to try the products without committing to the full bottle sizes. My skin started improving within days and I told myself that was it, I will be staying loyal to Eminence from now on. Another bonus of this kit is the moisturizer has 30 spf. If your local in Grande Prairie, you can find Eminence at LSpa.

  • 4. Foot Care. I live in flip flops most of the summer and rarely even wear shoes in our backyard when I’m out playing with the kids. This results in dry, cracked feet. I know the importance of foot care so I keep some great foot products on hand to soothe what I put my poor feet through in the summer months. Footlogix helps keep my feet smooth and moisturized and Gehwol cream repairs cracks. You can typically find these two products at most spas, or hair salons in shopping malls.

  • 5. Large tote bag. As a mom always on the go, I’m usually carrying a lot of crap around. This bag is named the Kona Mona and is created by Kol Kol, a company based in India. It’s super lightweight, can hold everything I need and has a handy key clip on the inside, and a nice low price point. Kona Mona doubles as a great beach bag, toy bag, or just a more stylish bag to keep things like diapers or a extra change of clothes for the kids in.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share some of your favorite products with me in the comments!

*Disclaimer: These products were all purchased by me, with the exception of the Kol Kol bag that was gifted to me from the company. 

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  1. Love your list of summer essentials! Summer only returns here in December, going to be making a note to keep a bug repellent in my bag too. I always carry a water bottle with a built in straw with me, this way I am sure I drink enough water.

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