The Babywearing Acronyms


The buy, sell, and trade pages and posts can be overwhelming in the babywearing world. Here is a list of some of the acronyms you may come across when searching these pages. Next is a list of acronyms used for different carries with woven wraps as well. I know it was helpful for me when I was just starting out!
BNIB/P – Brand new in box/package
CC – Credit card
CISO – Casually in search of
DISO – Desperately in search of
EUC – Excellent used condition
FB – Feedback (or Facebook)
FS(O) – For sale (only)
FSOT – For sale or trade
FT(0) – For trade (only)
IHA – I have available
ISO – In search of
LO – Little one
PP – Paypal
PPD – Postage paid domestic (within country of origin)
PO – Post office
PM – Private message
S/H – Shipping/Handling
SSC – Soft Structured Carrier
MMAO – make me an offer
MMARO – make me a reasonable offer
MT – Mei Tai
TV – Trade Value
WC – Wrap conversion carrier, meaning a company took a wrap and made a carrier out of it
WCFB – wrap conversion full buckle carrier
WCHB – wrap conversion half buckle carrier, meaning multiple options, tie waist, ring waist, mei tai straps
WCMT – wrap conversion Mei Tai carrier

BWCC – Back Wrap Cross Carry
CB – Chest Belt
CC – Cradle Carry
CCC – Cradle Cross Carry
CHCC – Coolest Hip Cross Carry
DH – Double Hammock
DRS2S – Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder
FCC – Front Cross Carry
FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry
Half-JBC – Half-Jordan’s Back Carry (a variation that can be worn in a size 2-3)
HCC – Hip Cross Carry
JBC – Jordan’s Back Carry
PWCC – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry
RR – Reinforced Ruck
RRRR – Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck
RTIF – Ruck Tied In Front
RUB – Ruck (tied) Under Bum
SHBC – Secured High Back Carry
TAS – Tied At Shoulder (a variation on the usual knot finish)
TT – Tied Tibetan (a way of securing the wrap without tying a knot)
WPBC – Wriggle-proof Back Carry



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