Ankalia Little Cove 

Maker: Ankalia Textiles

Name & Design: Little Cove in the Voyager design

Wrappee: 18 month approximately 24 lbs

Material/Fibre: 100% cotton

Gsm: unknown

Size/length: size 3

Pros: This wrap is extremely thin and moldable which makes it very easy to wrap with. The shimmer is very apparent and this wrap shines so beautifully out in the sun. Feeling very silky in hand, you almost second guess this is a 100% cotton wrap. I’ve never felt an all cotton wrap quite so cool and silky, while still offering some nice texture. I like that it’s a natty but it’s mixed with a beige color so it made me feel not quite so nervous to get it dirty and I could actually enjoy using it without worrying. It holds a normal half or double knot well and works great in a ring finish. I loved the teeny tiny candy cane chest belt and because the cccb isn’t bulky, it doesn’t dig on your chest. Little Cove gives easy pleats in any carry I tried. 

Cons: Although Little Cove holds well in a regular knot it was slippery in a slipknot with my toddler and I had to tighten up a couple times. With the combination of some stretch and thinness I didn’t find it super supportive carrying my toddler. 

How does it wrap? Little Cove is pretty easy to wrap with even with the fair amount of grip it offers. You can feel a medium amount of texture and grip when you go to create a pass over baby’s back in a carry like Double Hammock but can still create passes easily. DHDR was my favorite carry with this wrap. It felt more supportive and held nicely with the 2 ring finish. In a Ruck Carry it’s comfortable on the shoulders although I didn’t find a lot of support in this carry. I tried RRRR and it was better, I think this wrap would be awesome in those carries with a lighter baby. My toddler started to sag in these carries. 

I would be confident enough to say if I had tried this wrap in a base size, I would like it more with my toddler. I could perform more supportive carries with multipasses to avoid the sagging. With the softness, moldability and stretch Little Cove offers it would shine with a newborn.

What wrap would you compare it to? From wraps I’ve owned or tried in the past I would compare is best to a Didymos Sole Occidente wrap I used to own. It’s thin, moldable and stetchy the same way the Didymos wrap is, however the grip is different between the two wraps. Little Cove offers more support then the Sole Occidente.

Final Thoughts: Like I mentioned above I would highly recommend this wrap with a newborn. I can see Little Cove being a great wrap for the summer with it being lightweight, cool and light in color. My favorite carries with it were Double Hammock Double rings, No Sew Ring Sling, and Reinforced Ruck.

I’d like the thank the kind momma for sending us our first Ankalia wrap to try! Ankalia has so many beautiful wraps and colorways and it makes me curious to try more. If you look in a few photos you may be able to spot the cute little Ankalia wrap scrap birdie she sent along with this traveler. 

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