Bijou Stella Wonderland Review

Bijou Wear has been on my radar for some time now so I was thrilled to be able to try one of their wovens, and the name Wonderland seemed fitting to take into our Winter Wonderland here in Canada. The Eco2Cotton is new to me, a nubby recycled yarn that I was eager to get my hands on. 

The pattern is a light blue with white stars and swirls of company needle and thread logo. The blue side is dry, nubby and grippy while the wrong side is smooth and soft. I’ll admit my first impression of this wrap was that I wasn’t sure I was going to love all the texture on the blue side, and the thickness was also a bit off putting as my preference is normally to thinner wraps. The colors and the pattern, was all me though. There truly is no wrong side on this wrap, and I’m drawn to that beautiful white side. 

Our first time using Wonderland was in a Reinforced Ruck carry with a cccb and I fell in love with that fluffy cccb. This wrap holds in place like a boss and shines carrying a toddler.

Tightening and doing multipasses with Wonderland takes a bit of work, but once in place it offers rock solid support with no retightening needed. If your not used to grip in a wrap, you will need some practice doing multipass carries like a Double Hammock. This wrap makes big glorious no slip knots, and didn’t slip using rings on a BWCC Carry with Zena Finish. I particularly loved this wrap in a FWCC and Shepherds Carry, as I could really feel the support in these two carries. Stella Wonderland offers easy effortless pleats in every carry.

Over the 2 weeks we played with Wonderland, I began to enjoy the wrap qualities. It’s interesting to me that as my baby grows, my wrap qualities change. If I would have tried Wonderland when I first started wrapping, I would have been turned off. Where once grip, texture and thickness were not my friends, I can now see why these qualities can be appealing in a woven. 

If you are a brand new wrapper, or enjoy thinner wraps with glide you may want to pass on this one. If you are an experienced wrapper I can see this wrap suitable to use with a newborn but believe it truly shines carrying a toddler or heavier baby. 

Thank you to Jaime, the owner of Bijou Wear for giving me the opportunity to try Wonderland, I look forward to trying more from Bijou.
Thank you to Haley at Stronghold Photography for some of these beautiful outdoor photos. 

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