Blanket Scarves: My must have winter accessory

So I live in Canada, it’s cold sometimes. Well let’s face it, our winter here in Alberta is pretty much like 8 months long. Yep, 8 long months (insert sad face here). I come from a long retail background, and anyone who really knows me knows my love for fashion. Since becoming a stay at home mom I don’t get as dressed up as much as I used to, sometimes I’m lucky if my hair gets washed that day (thank you dry shampoo) but I do love a cute accessory that I can quickly throw on and look like I put in a little effort appearance wise. 

So this brings me to my latest must have winter accessory: Blanket Scarves!

These scarves are pretty easy to find anywhere due to being very popular right now. I found mine at a great local online shop called Lovely Threads Boutique. This shop offers some quality trendy clothing so I suggest checking them out!

One of my favorite things about these scarves, is they are literally like a small blanket. So guess what you can use to throw over your kid when that cold wind appears out of nowhere? You guessed it! 

Blanket scarves can be worn lots of ways, so here are some ways I wore my Lovely Threads scarf:

Shawl style closed
Shawl style open
Infinity style
Triangle style ends tucked
Triangle style ends untucked (my personal favorite)

So as you can see lots of different ways to wear this trend. Whether your a busy mom on the go, a fashionista, or have no idea about fashion and just want to look good in the winter you can throw this on and look hot (and warm). Grab a cute pom pom or slouchy hat to complete your look, I grabbed this one at Stitches (2 hats for $15!) With Christmas coming up, it might be a good idea to drop a hint you need one of these, or maybe it’s the perfect gift to grab for that lady at the office you got stuck buying a $30 budget gift for. Either way, go get one!

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