Breastfeeding in Wraps & Carriers

A question I often get asked is how mothers can breastfeed in their baby carriers. While this took a bit of time to master myself, it can be a convenient way to feed your babe.

Learning to breastfeed in carriers

First let’s touch on some safety tips to remember if your breastfeeding in your baby carrier

  • ALWAYS take the time to properly readjust your carrier after you are finished feeding your baby. This is crucial for the safety of your baby.
  • Baby should still be close enough to kiss and have his or her chin off of their chest.
  • Feed your baby upright, in the position they would normally be in a carrier. Cradle positions are not recommended when using any type of baby carrier.
  • Do not use your tails to cover your baby up while breastfeeding. Your baby should always be visible in a carrier. You can use these to attempt to cover yourself, but do not cover your baby’s face.

I have breastfed in all kinds of carriers, but here are some of my favorites:

Ring Sling

Learning to breastfeed in carriers

A ring sling is probably the easiest to feed in if you are just starting out, as it can be easily loosened to lower baby to latch on. A slight pull to loosen your rings and bring baby down a smidge to latch on it all you need. We love nursing in ring slings!

Woven Wraps

Learning to breastfeed in carriers

I tend to tie a certain carry if I know my baby is going to breastfeed. Some of my favorite carries to breastfeed in are:

  • Traditional Sling Carry
  • Robins Hip Carry
  • Coolest Hip Cross Carry with a slipknot
  • Front Wrap Cross Carry

Any carry that uses a slipknot that can easily lower and tighten your baby back up are great breastfeeding carries.

Buckle Carrier

Learning to breastfeed in carriers

Probably the most discreet way to breastfeed is in the buckle carrier. Can you even tell my daughter is nursing in this photo? Probably not! Loosen and lower your baby down and slightly shift your baby to whatever side you are nursing on. The straps often block most of what anyone would see, and the hood can be used for additional coverage as well.

Some other informative posts on Breastfeeding while Babywearing:

  • This Tula blog post on Babywearing and Breastfeeding, gives some great information on some of the benefits of both, as well as some tips for successful breastfeeding in a carrier.
  • This post from the Badass Breastfeeder has some tutorial videos on how to breastfeed in a variety of carriers.

Whatever carrier you choose to breastfeed in, remember to follow the safety tips outlined above. If you can’t get baby latched or it seems uncomfortable, don’t give up. It can take some practice, but you will get there!

If you are having trouble breastfeeding in a carrier, I highly recommend seeking out a Babywearing Educator in your area. You can always send me a message on my Facebook Page with any questions or concerns and I’m always happy to help.

Here is a video of me tightening a ring sling and loosening and latching my baby on to breastfeed 🙂

Happy Babywearing and Breastfeeding!

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