Breath easy this season with Rumidifier

Don’t humidify, Rumidify! Humidifiers are a must for many families during any season, but particularly for mine during the long winter months we experience here in Northern Alberta, Canada. We all breath easier, have less dry lips and sinuses, and it also helps my family fight off cold symptoms. This winter we are ditching the humidifer and going cordless, Eco-friendly, and low maintenance with Rumidifier.

Don't humidify, Rumidify! Your family will breath easier this season with the zero cost, Eco-friendly Rumidifer.Rumidifier is used by simply installing on any standard floor vent or register and letting your furnace do all the work. No electricity is needed making it cost effective for your home and Eco-friendly for our our environment.

One of my favorite things about the Rumidifier is it’s worry free with no cords for water to spill on, a feature that was very important to me as a family with two small children in our home.

Don't humidify, Rumidify! Your family will breath easier this season with the zero cost, Eco-friendly Rumidifer.

Another feature that really appealed to me about Rumidifier is the medicine vaporiser that can be used to hold essential oils.

I frequently burn a Theives essential oil in our home to keep germs away and seasonal colds at bay. You’ll be able to add any oils into the Rumidifier medicine vaporiser and have it dispersed throughout your home. We enjoyed adding lemon or lavender oil for a scent booster in any room we decided to move our Rumidifier into.

Don't humidify, Rumidify! Your family will breath easier this season with the zero cost, Eco-friendly Rumidifer.I mentioned above how I really like that Rumidifer is zero cost and Eco-friendly, and here are some other things I liked:

  • Noise Free. No moving parts so no sounds to disturb you. I can easily put it in my baby’s room and not worry it will wake her through the night.
  • Safe. No cords for my kids to pull on or steam flowing out to risk hurting themselves with.
  • Easy to install. My vent was smaller and I had to break off the snap off tabs for it to fit our vent size and pop it in. It simply sits in your vent, fuss free.
  • Low Maintenance. The base is top rack dishwasher safe, and the organic filter can be cleaned and reused using water and vinegar. Your filter will only need to be replaced after extensive use and for a low cost of $9.50 cad.
  • Portable. Move your Rumidifier from room to room as needed.

My only complaint about the unit would be it’s a little bulky. I can still choose to move my Rumidifier from room to room as needed, however the cost is so affordable (approx $39.95 cad) that I can see myself just buying an extra one to leave one in each bedroom during these dry winter months.

Don't humidify, Rumidify! Your family will breath easier this season with the zero cost, Eco-friendly Rumidifer.Thank you to Rumidifier for sending us this unit to try and review! Overall I am very impressed and would recommend this product to any friend or family member. You can find more info about any Rumidifier products on the Website Here and also follow them on social media with the following links:

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Thanks to my friends at Rumidifier we would like to give you the chance to win your own RD10 unit by entering our Giveaway! The Giveaway is open to residents of Canada and US, winner will need to disclose a home address to Rumidifier for shipping purposes. Open from Nov 9th-Nov 23rd, 2017. Our Rumidifier Giveaway winner will be contacted via email.

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Don't humidify, Rumidify! Your family will breath easier this season with the zero cost, Eco-friendly Rumidifer.



106 thoughts on “Breath easy this season with Rumidifier

  1. I love that this is energy efficient, we use a lot of electricity so it is always helpful to find items that help with the cost!

  2. I need this badly. i just got out of the hospital with many breathing issues. I like no cords and can use as a vaporizer.

  3. I would love this because it’s safe! i wont have to worry about one of my kids falling over it or burning themselves on steam or any of that.

  4. I could really use something like this. We’re moving into a new home, up in an arid location, and I know my hands, feet, and lips are all going to suffer. Even with our current humidifier running 24/7.

  5. Would love one for winter! To help with colds,nose bleeds and our sons seasonal asthma, and amazing that I can use essential oils in it!!!!

  6. With a curious toddler in the house, the fact that this doesn’t have cords is a welcome thing. He loves to check out anything that’s plugged in!

  7. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a cordless humidifier! That’s awesome!! We’ve already got chapped faces and hands going on, even with the small, corded humidifiers in the kids’ rooms. 🙁

    Do I comment to enter, or is there something else I need to do?

  8. The features that instantly caught my eyes were while reading your blog information, the fact I can use it with essential oils AND it’s s humidifier is huge for me and my family! We don’t have a humidifier and need one badly and we use essential oils daily for my brain tumour, sleep methods, clean scent and so much more so this is extremely beneficial! I love that it’s cordless and the fact it’s dishwasher safe is absolutely wonderful, fast and easy! Love that! I can just move it wherever with no hassle of cords. I’m so in love with what you said about it! Very exciting. We would love to have this and make use of it daily for many beneficial benefits for myself and my family. Thank you so much for this!

    1. That is so great Alicia, thanks so much for visiting the blog and reading! I’m sending you all the healing vibes, much love

  9. I love that it is now maintenance and allows for the use of essential oils! Definitely something I would like to dry during the dry Alberta winter!

  10. I love that they don’t use any power and consequently don’t need an outlet (it isn’t always easy to find an empty one). I’d love to try one! It’s Just too bad we couldn’t use them in our bedrooms, as they’re downstairs and the vents are on the ceiling.

  11. What a smart idea to use a furnace vent. This would be especially great in the room my two oldest share as their vent is right between their beds.

  12. I love how low maintenance it is. I don’t always remember when filters need to be changed and those sorts of things so this would be great. Thanks!

  13. I love that there are no cords and that it’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean!!!! I hate scrubbing the humidifier I currently have!!

  14. One of the scariest times was when I woke up to our humidifier on fire. It was usually in my daughter’s room but I happened to be visiting my parents so I was in the same room with my daughter. It woke me up right away but had we been at home it might have been a different story. I have not had a humidifier since. When I saw this one does not plug in it caught my interest. We would breath easier with a humidifier and not have to worry.

      1. Yes, it was. At home it was always on the dresser which was right under the window. It probably would have started the curtains on fire.

  15. Love a good humidifier during the winter dryness. Even though it looks big I like the shape of it better then others and it’s afforable cost

    1. Ya, it isn’t huge but in our bedroom my vent is just right in the walkway. When it’s out in my living room it’s fine though.

  16. Low maintenance and no cords are both features that sound great to me. Definitely sounds like a great unit and a good price.

  17. This is such a great idea for our dry Alberta winters. I’ve been looking for a humidifier for our home, but they cost so much (for a decent sized one). Plus the water and finding an outlet that my 22 month old won’t pull the cord out off ect, ect, ect.

  18. Omgoodness how awesome would this be!!!!! Especially bcuz my little one and I have serious sinus issues and a ridiculously hot apartment! Thanks for the review Hun!

    1. I don’t think it really keeps them away but with the Thieves oil in Aromatherapy, can be used topically or inhaled to help relieve colds and coughs

    1. I completely agree, I often need to get up to drink water through the evening I am so dry. Much better with the Rumidifier in my room at night!

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