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Happy 150th Birthday Canada

What better way to celebrate then a GIVEAWAY from a great Canadian small shop?

This handmade blanket from Canadian Small Business PuddleJump Designs could be yours! Head to the Momma Luvz Facebook page to enter as we celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday!PuddleJump Designs is a shop that creates handmade baby blankets, quilts and other baby items. I discovered Puddle Jump on Instagram and found myself drawn to the adorable quilts created in beautiful and modern fabrics, each item is one of a kind and made with love.

Handmade Blankets that are one of a kind from Puddle Jump Designs, a great little Canadian Small Business offering one of a kind sewing creationsPuddle Jump creates more then just blankets, check out this modern pillow case and swaddle blanket perfect for any nursery or a great baby gift!Marina Baerg is the creator and owner behind the brand of this Canadian small shop based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia. A mother to three Puddle Jump-loving boys, her children are the inspiration for her creative sewing.

Modern fabrics and designs for stylish mom's and babiesI caught up with Marina to ask her a couple questions to learn a bit more about her and the shop:

At what age did you start sewing and when did you decide to turn that into a business?

I sewed a little in high school, but was never really interested in it until after my second son was born. My mom had purchased a basic sewing machine for both my sister and I, just for basic uses around the house. But after my second pregnancy, I found myself deep in postpartum depression and needed something I could do at home in my spare time that was just for me. A creative outlet, something therapeutic. A friend & mentor gifted a beautiful handmade rag quilt for my son, and I was in love! I’d always enjoyed being creative – I love putting together different colour and pattern combinations, so once I learned how to use my sewing machine properly, it just made sense to put my creativity towards creating baby blankets and quilts! For the first five years, it was a hobby – something to help cover the cost of my supplies and machine upkeep. And then this past year, with my youngest going into preschool, I felt I could start to invest a little more time turning my hobby into a little business. Little did I know that business would pick up so quickly! I’m excited for the fall, when I will have even more time during the week to dedicate to my shop and create some new things! I feel incredibly privileged not only that I can do what I love as my job, but that I can work from home to allow me to be there for my kids, which is ultimately where I feel I need to be.

Supermom Status Alert! How do you find time to sew with three kids?

It has definitely been a struggle this past year, for sure! Especially since I was already working a part-time job from home doing data entry work for a non-profit organization. I thought it would take at least 6 months to a year to get my business going, anticipating that I wouldn’t be working this much until all three of my kids were school. That wasn’t the case! Thankfully my littlest guy plays very well on his own during the day, and my husband has been very supportive and understanding with me having to work a lot in the evenings and weekends. There have been many weekends where he’s taken all three boys out on an adventure by himself (sometimes away overnight!) just so I can work uninterrupted. Superdad status is more like it – couldn’t do it without him!

What product from your shop do you think is the best gift for new parents?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I think people enjoy giving a baby gift that is timeless, and a handmade item like a baby blanket or quilt is often given as a keepsake, for sentimental value as well as for practical use. Many of us have that special baby blanket or keepsake item from our own childhood set aside or stored away, as it carries so many important memories with it. That’s what I envision when I create my blankets – a special, sentimental piece that will be cherished long after it’s done being used.

Thank you to Marina at PuddleJump for partnering with me to give away a beautiful blanket in a print that feels so well suited for Canadians. Head over to my Facebook Page to enter and celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with us! (Giveaway ends July 2/17)

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