Fox & Chaos Naturals- Delicious handmade bath & body products!

Another fabulous locally made find…Fox & Chaos Naturals!* I found this company a little over a year ago and fell in love with the products they have to offer. Created right here in my local city of Grande Prairie Alberta, Fox & Chaos has some of the best natural and organic yummyness (yes I said that word) I have found.

I jumped at the chance to get to know more about this company and offered to try and review a few products for the owner, Corissa Jones. What I found pretty amazing about Corissa is the way she pours her heart into how these products are made. Only creating products when she is in a positive state of mind, using energy work and crystal therapy during her process, you can tell that she has a true passion and pours her soul into her creations. Corissa works with a local herbalist to create flower essences as well as aromatherapists to accomplish the scents that are in her products. She takes pride in the quality of her products and uses everything she makes on her own family.


I was able to try two products, the Natural Bubble Bath and the Organic de-odour-cream. I was impressed by the bubble bath, getting a great deal of bubbles from only 2 tablespoons that actually last throughout your bath. It made me feel good knowing I could use it on my young children and myself, without worrying about ingredients that may cause a uti. The scent is more soapy, not perfumey, but offers a clean smell I enjoyed. At only $15 a bottle, you will feel like your money was well spent.

The de-odour-cream wasn’t a favorite of mine but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for others. I didn’t love having to put it on with my fingers, and at the end of the day it just wasn’t cutting it for smelly old me (Ha!)  I did enjoy the fresh and clean scent, and didn’t get any gross white marks on my shirts, so that’s always a bonus. At only $16 per jar it’s not a huge investment for a good natural organic product that may end up working for you.


I have to share a photo of two other products I also LOVE from this company. The Natural Shampoo & Body Wash, and the Organic Body Butter both in the vanilla orange scent are to die for. I use them on myself and my kids and only need one pump of the shampoo and wash to get a lot of lather, and lather is something that I like in a product. The body butter leaves us all feeling super soft and this scent is just unbeatable to me.

I encourage you all to explore Fox & Chaos and I have no doubts that you too will find many products you love. I want to thank Corissa for letting me try her products and I hope to try and review more for her in the future.

*Please note the company changed it’s name after this post was written. The company name is updated throughout this post, however not all photos here reflect that.

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