Paper Street Weaving Dispersion Review


Made by: Deidre Cleator of Paper Street Weaving

Name: Dispersion

Blend: 60% cotton 40% tencel

Pebble Weave

Size 6, 4.6 meters

I was lucky enough to get to test this beautiful colourful handwoven creation and it did not disappoint. My first experience with a pebble weave, which I expected to be a bit rough in hand and was quite surprised at the softness with the first touch when it arrived. As I inspected this woven, I immediately loved the colourful rainbow weave against the black weft. I also like the sewn edge middle marker for something not so obvious, but still easy to find. As I looked over the weave, I noticed a few spots where there was extra black yarn. After speaking with the weaver about this, I was informed it is caused by leaving too much yarn in the shed before beating, and Deidre has since corrected this when making her next woven wrap. When I inspected the tag, I found the ink used to mark the tag had run and I was not able to read it properly. This is another concern Deidre is aware of and has gone on to correct in her next creations, and once she has Dispersion back, the tag will be replaced.




The first carry I completed with the 7 month old, 18 lb wrapee was a front wrap cross carry. A simple carry, but I like to start with this to see how the wrap feels on my shoulders the first time. I would say this woven has a medium amount of cush and felt comfortable on my shoulders. The wrap has great texture from the pebble weave and almost sticks to my girl. I expected it to be quite dense, and in fact it is quite airy. So far Dispersion is not anything like I assumed it would be.  As I finished I felt it wrapped a little short, when I went to tie off I had less wrap to knot then I normal.

Next carry was a rucksack back carry. It was with this carry I saw how grippy this pebble weave really was. The passes flowed nicely, and once I got to the knot, the grip was evident. I could probably get away with not doing a double knot in this wrap and it still have sticking power. It virtually knots itself! I wore my baby comfortably for about 30 minutes in this carry, and as any wearer knows, the rucksack is not the most comfortable carry.

As I played with this wrap over a week’s time I tried other carries including half jordans with a cccb, robins hip, fwcc with a poppins finish, and double hammock. I found comfort with each and every carry. I did the half jordan’s with my 4 year old to test the support, it was strong and only a bit diggy on the cccb with her 40 lbs. I enjoyed half jordans and fwcc the best because the grip and support really showed through on these two carries.

All in all this is a great wrap, and it was Deidre’s first one! Some pros were the wrap qualities; such as the grip from the pebble weave, the medium cush felt nice on my shoulders while being very supportive at the same time. The cons that I mentioned above were all things that are easily correctable. The weaver has acknowledged that and gone on to correct by now. Thank you for letting us play with this beauty Deidre! I am excited to watch Paper Street Weaving and hopefully be able to keep testing for you in the future.

You can find Paper Street Weaving here on the Facebook Page to follow her work!








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