Double Hammock Torso Carry with Brittany’s Rose Finish

Double Hammock Torso Carry is a base -2 or -3 carry. In this video I’m using my base -2 which is a size 4 and my preferred size for this carry. This carry offers full mobility with both shoulders and arms free and I enjoy it for doing chores around the house or in warm weather. Baby will sit lower in a torso carry then you night be used to, almost sitting on your hips instead of mid to lower back like most carries. Getting a tight chest pass is important to help support your baby’s weight and will make this carry comfortable. Pay attention to the L Pull for tightening, it really helps with getting all the slack out of your chest pass. The rose finish is created by Brittany Marsh of the Britt Brown Marsh Blog and you can check her out for more great tutorials and beautiful Babywearing Photography. I hope you enjoy this carry!

The wrap I’m using in this video is named Silver Lining created by Elooment Handwoven Fibre Arts and is a hand painted Silk warp, Rose/Viscose weft at 3.7 metres.

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