Easy Feel Full Buckle Review

[Image of a mother carrying her toddler on her back in a bright blue buckle carrier. Toddler is holding a big blue ball between them looking away from camera while mom smiles at camera. They are outside in a treed background.]

Created by Easy Feel Products based out of India, we used the full buckle in a standard size with my 20 month old daughter. This carrier fits generously so the standard size fit my daughter well especially in panel height. I’ll admit when I received this carrier, my first impression was that I wasn’t going to love it as the waistband and shoulder straps felt so dense in hand.

[Image of a mom back carrying her toddler in a blue buckle carrier indoors with a Canadian Flag in the background]

What I liked about this Carrier:

  • The generous size and fit. We are close to needing toddler size in many buckle carriers now, but standard fit my 25lb 31inch girl perfectly
  • The thickness of shoulder padding offered nice cush 
  • Generous size hood that tucks away in a velcro closure pocket when not in use
  • Light and breathable cotton with multiple layers in the panel, offers support to baby’s back
  • Tightens easily and also has PFA’S for easy breastfeeding 
  • Beautiful print and colors (with lots of other great prints available)
  • Has a handy pocket on waistband that is off to the side, so more accessible then right under baby’s bottom
  • Easy care, machine washable

[3 Images of a mom carrying her toddler in a blue buckle carrier outdoors in various treed backgrounds. First image is a front carry with toddler smiling. Second is a close up of toddlers bottom in the carrier and third image is a close up of a back carry]

What I would change if I could:

  • Thick waist strap padding. I actually didn’t find it uncomfortable as I have with some other carrier brands. It offers cush but also might feel a bit diggy if you are short waisted.
  • Straps are not crossable (which isn’t an issue for me personally, but some wearers prefer this)

[2 Images. First one is a close up of a mom front carrying her toddler in a blue buckle carrier while mom smiles at the camera and toddler chews the side of the carrier. Second is mom and toddler in a front carry while both look away from camera in a treed background]

In conclusion, I have more pros then cons with this carrier. I can see it being awesome for bigger babies due to the generous sizing. Male wearers would probably enjoy the thick and cushy shoulder straps and waistband. People who might pass on this full buckle would be very petite or short waisted wearers, or parents and caregivers with a smaller baby as I can’t see the full buckle fitting properly until around 8 months of age at least. If you want to see more from Easy Feel Products you can check out the website here

Thank you to Carry Me Mommy for letting us take this brand for a spin!

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