Erizo The Sisters Mini Review

Unfortunately I just didn’t have enough time during the week I had the opportunity to host this wrap, so I didn’t get to try as many different carries as I would have liked to. This review is not as detailed as I would have liked, but sometimes life just takes over right?

This wrap was generously lent to me by a sweet momma that contacted me via my Facebook page and offered to let me take it for a spin, just another example of how kind the babywearing world mommas are! I have eyed Erizo baby slings for awhile now, another amazing weaver out of Alberta. This wrap is a size 4, 100% cotton handwoven in a rainbow grad of gorgeous colors. It is woven in a pebble weave, and has a charcoal weft throughout.


We took this handwoven out for our first ups for our daily morning walk to the school bus. I chose a half jordans back carry with a candy cane chest belt (hjbc cccb) which is always one of my go-to carries with a shorter wrap. The pebble weave in this wrap offers grip but not too much that I can’t make the one pass over my babies back fairly easily. This carry feels very secure and supportive as we head out the door. I think this may just be one of the prettiest cccb I have ever seen in my history of playing with wraps, I’m totally smitten.


I am loving the support while I walk my baby feels weightless and even though she is doing her normal bit of bouncing on my back it doesn’t feel like she’s moving much. This wrap feels like it’s locked her into place. The pebble weave is offering cush on my shoulders which is always a huge preference of mine, as my shoulders get sore at times if a wrap feels too diggy. We decide to extend our walk after we drop the big kid off at the bus and head out to grab some pretty photos with all the beautiful fall colors.

By the time we arrive home baby is fast asleep on my back, all while still holding the tiny apple she refused to let go when I first put her up. It’s probably one of my favorite photos yet that she’s fast asleep and still has a tight grip on her little apple.

A few days later I had the opportunity to wrap a newborn when a friend came over to visit. Baby was a bit fussy and I kindly asked his momma if I could test this wrap out on him so I could see how it wrapped with a newborn. Erizo handwovens are known to be wide, so I wanted to see if I felt like too much wrap when you were to wrap a tiny squishy baby. I chose poppins hip carry, but positioned him on my front due to his tinyness. The wrap was great with a tiny baby too! I had some bunching due to the width, you wouldn’t possibly want to tuck all the width under the tiny bum of a newborn. I’m thankful I had this tiny visitor so now I can honestly say this wrap would shine from newborn to toddlerhood.


Our last ups with The Sisters was a ruck for another school bus run. I wanted to see if that cush still held up in a rucksack carry, the carry that always tests the shoulders. I still found comfort and was pleasantly surprised. I loved my time hosting this wrap, in fact I loved this wrap so much, I ordered one that is very similar. Erizo does impecable weaving, and I’m happy to support a weaver from the province I reside in.


I want to send out a big thank you to Jill for offering to let me host her beautiful wrap, which motivated me to finally pull the trigger to order my first Erizo!

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