Feature: Little Lily Bamboo

Jade, the owner of Little Lily Bamboo demonstrating a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) in one of her Bamboo/Cotton Stretch wraps

I love to support local Canadian businesses, and this month’s feature is on Little Lily Bamboo, located in Dawson Creek, BC and created by Jade Steckly. Little Lily Bamboo is known for their thick and plush bamboo bath towels, but also creates other great products including swaddle blankets, bibs, stretch wraps and even does custom embroidery. I didn’t know much about bamboo until I found Jade’s business and was pleasantly surprised that bamboo it is a plant that is green and eco-friendly. It is hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial, and has natural properties that wick away moisture.


I had the chance to ask the owner, Jade, a few questions about her business:

What made you start Little Lily Bamboo?

Jade: I first started LLB just over 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my third daughter. I was sewing some cloth wipes for the baby when I discovered bamboo fabric. My friends immediately encouraged me to start selling them, and I did. The product line quickly grew from there into towels and swaddling blankets and stretchy wraps. I really loved the benefits of bamboo and the feeling of the fabric, and each of the products I make, I make for a particular reason.

Do you make all of your products yourself?

Jade: Yes I do! I’ve designed each products myself based on the problems I’m looking to solve with them.

What are your favourite products from your line?

Jade: This is a tough one! I think I would have to say the towels, just because I have spent the most time creating them, and I get to buy adorable fabrics for the hoods.
When it comes to carrying newborns, the wraps my favourite though. I love that they are so stretchy, so they hold the baby snuggly, with no sagging anywhere. I held my last three babies in them almost all the time when they were newborns.

You have started creating stretch wraps, what do you think are some of the benefits of baby wearing?

Jade: I actually created the wraps about 6 years ago, but for a long time only used them for my babies. Once I got more confident in using them, I added them to my product line.
When my customers have trouble figuring out how to wrap it the first few times, I always tell them, “you should have seen my first few attempts!” But once I figured out a few things, it got so much easier, and I became more confident in helping others wrap their babies. I began wearing my babies for one reason: I needed to hold my newborns to calm them, but I still had other kids to take care of, and not enough hands to do it all!
Once I started, I noticed other things as well. My babies would settle easier, and were happier in general, their naps seemed to be deeper and longer than if I had laid them them in the swing, and I noticed my stress level going down too when they were close to me like that. Running errands was much easier with a wrap. I remember when my fifth daughter was a week old I went grocery shopping with just her. I had forgotten my wrap at home, so I took the baby and the car seat into the store. There was no place to put the car seat on the cart, except for right in the back obviously, but I was left with no room for groceries!
I had used the car seats all the time before I discovered wrapping, but now it was so inconvenient. Generally when running errands, I would wrap the wrap around me, and just put the baby in at each stop, leaving the wrap tied between stops. It worked so well!

One extra thing I would like to add is that generally, commercial stretchy wraps say that they are good to use until 25 pounds or so. I agree that they are capable of holding that weight, and safe. However, I have found that once the baby reaches 15 pounds or so, they just aren’t as comfortable any more, since they are so stretchy. After this weight, I recommend using a soft structured carrier or woven wrap, as they provide a more consistent support. For newborns though, stretchy wraps are my favourite! They wrap so snuggly and almost feel like a second skin. The bamboo is super soft against the baby, and it breathes well, so baby doesn’t overheat in most situations. The stretchiness also supports a newborn’s body better than say, an infant insert in an SSC.

Little Lily Bamboo has created this amazingly soft stretch wrap, and we will be giving one away to a lucky winner on our Facebook page, so head on over to Momma Luvz on Facebook HERE to enter. A big thank you to Jade for donating one of her uber soft stretch wraps and sharing a bit about her business.


You can find purchase Little Lily Bamboo products in the Etsy Shop by clicking HERE

Little Lily Bamboo is also on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE so head on over to like and follow!



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