Front Wrap Cross Carry Tutorial

If your new to woven wraps, a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is the perfect starter carry and will be a carry you will use again and again throughout all of your babywearing days. My daughter is 17 months in a few days (how did that happen?!) and I still use this carry with her. FWCC is a carry that you can use to learn the importance of proper tightening, and can have some variations like spread passes, shoulder flips, and even can be used for some fancy finishes.

Image of Teresa wearing her baby in a front wrap cross carry in a blue and black geometrical printed woven wrap in their living room. The passes are spread and the shoulders are flipped on the wrap. Baby is looking away and holding a toy to her mouth while Teresa is looking at the camera.

In this video we created I show how you can spread the passes for more support, which I love for a newborn as well as a baby that is a “leaner” and also show you how easy the shoulder flip is. I hope you enjoy this carry as much as we do!

Wrap: Soul Maze Blues, size 6

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