Heatless Curls! Busy mom? Try this!

Ok mommas, I have found the most awesome solution to not having time to put pretty curls in your hair.  As only you know, we have one million other better things to get done. Am I right?


I present to you…heatless curls! I had heard of this before but was very skeptical on if it would actually work on not, how much time would be reduced vs just using a curling iron, and if the curls would hold, blah blah blah. The answer is yes to all of the above!

Another name for these heatless curls is tee shirt curls. In the video I’m linking a tee shirt is used, however I find I get much better curls with a simple soft headband instead.  If you want looser curls and have longer hair, you may want to stick with the tee shirt.

Here are my Momma Luvz tips to doing this a bit easier then the video:

-use a soft headband that’s not too tight (not as bulky to sleep in) *photo below of mine

-make sure hair is still damp (but not soaked)

-skip the bobby pins on the ends (just takes longer)

-do it with freshly washed hair

-for looser curls wrap a bit looser, for tight curls (like mine) I wrapped pretty snug

-do it before bed, and viola! perfect curls in the morning

I hope you go try this, and love it as much as I did! Happy curling mommas!

The link to the video is here:  Heatless Curl Video



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