Kol Kol Baby Carrier full buckle review

Kol Kol is a newer company based out of India offering some great carriers at affordable pricing. For more information on Kol Kol Baby Carriers you can visit the website here.

I was offered two styles of carriers to try and the standard full buckle in the Lavender colorway was one of my choices. I have been using this carrier for a few weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts with you!

Image of Teresa carrying her toddler in a buckle carrier with various blue stripes. A matching bag sits next to them with a teddy bear peaking out the top. They are outdoors in a treed background.

First let’s talk about the size of this carrier. I chose to try the standard size that fits a little larger then most carriers, comparable to a standard Tula. My daughter is 20 months old, 25 lbs and 31 inches tall. As you can see the panel fits her great, while offering knee to knee support and the height reaching the nape of her neck. I’d also like to point out that Kol Kol does offer an insert so this standard size carrier can be used from newborn.

Image of Teresa carrying her toddler in a back carry using a blue striped buckle carrier. They are walking down a tree enclosed trail.

My first observation when I received this carrier is the beautiful print. The various blues pop against the navy base on the straps and waistbelt and since blue is my favorite color, I am quite satisfied.

Image of Teresa carrying her toddler in a front carry as they both smile at the camera on a long bridge

The soft cotton on the panel is lightweight, airy and breathable. This carrier will be a great lightweight summer choice. Next I noticed how nice and floppy the waistbelt feels when I wear this carrier. I have experienced discomfort in the past using certain carriers with either too dense of padding in the waist or too wide of a waistbelt. Definitely one of my favorite features of this carrier, there is no dig on your hips at all with the soft and thin waistbelt. 

Image of Teresa front carrying her toddler in the blue striped buckle carrier. Teresa embraces her toddler while holding the matching striped bag on her shoulder as they stand on a bridge in a treed background.

I’d also like to draw attention to the great bag I’m carrying in the photos. This is quickly becoming my go to summer bag due to the large size. It’s great to carry packages to the post office, and makes an ideal picnic, park, and beach bag. This style is named the Kona Mona and has matching prints to many of the carriers. It also has a handy small key clip inside so you won’t be digging for your keys forever.

Two Images, one a close up of the Kona Mona in the blue striped print with a teddy bear peaking out the top. Second image is Teresa carrying the bag while holding her toddlers hand as they walk away from camera on a long bridge.

My only complaint about this carrier is how stiff the webbing is starting out. It can be difficult to undo the straps when I have my toddler in a front carry. I didn’t have any trouble when back carrying but with the front carry the reach position is a little more awkward. I think after more use the webbing will be broken in further and won’t be as much as an issue, but I’d like to point that out as one may have some difficulty in the beginning.

In conclusion, I really enjoy this carrier and can see myself using it often. I’d like to thank Kol Kol for gifting me with this carrier and matching bag. I look forward to seeing and trying more from this company.

Another big thank you to Stronghold Photography for capturing these beautiful images for me!

Series of 3 images. Two of them Teresa carries her toddler in a front carry on the long bridge in a treed background. One image Teresa sits on the bridge with her toddler on her lap with the Kona Mona bag beside them.

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  1. Beautifully penned all the details. Looking forward to buy one but was not getting any help. Your review helped me to come to certain level.

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