Lalu Wovens: Chrysalis Papillon

Company: Lalu Wovens

Name: Chrysalis Papillon

Size: 4.7m

Blend: Mercerized &  Regular Cotton

340 gsm


Would you like to get to know the feeling of cush? Well, this Lalu Wovens Papillon woven is definitely just that. I was greatfully excepted into the Lalu Wovens travelers group, and a group of Canadian mommas were lucky to get the opportunity to try this Papillon. Woven on an ecru warp, with an off pink and royal blue double weave, the look of this wrap is so gorgeous. The colors make it a bit girly, but the print also brings out an edgy factor to me, which is a great balance.

Upon receiving this beauty, I immediately noticed the cush it was going to offer my shoulders. You can literally squish it is your hands and feel the bounce back of smooshiness. I was a little nervous with the high gsm, but it came to me remarkably soft and floppy. My baby was sleeping when this wrap arrived, so this impatient momma quickly threw up the four year old in a double hammock to put that shoulder cush to the test. As I wrapped I noticed the balance of stretch and bounce that it had to offer. My first time using it and bam! Middle marker on point! With the support of a double hammock carry and the softness of this wrap, my girl felt weightless. You can tell by the look on her face, she was loving this traveler too.

Once baby woke, I did a half jordan’s back carry with a candy cane chest belt. She decided she wanted to be a leaner in this moment, and the wrap did a good job holding her in place. Papillon is holding up from 9 month old, to toddlerhood. It offers the right amount of support for my little learner, and also held up supporting my 40 pound 4 year old.

Papillon is thick, but still makes great pleats, without being too overwhelming. My passes glided fairly easily when doing a simple ruck carry, but held my seat in place once I tied off.

I felt that this wrap needed to be with the green trees and out in nature, so we went outdoors to capture some photos. My little one was feeling the front carries that day, so we started off with a semi front wrap cross carry with a slipknot. I could feel that thickness when completing this knot, but it wasn’t a struggle. It still slides through easily as I tighten the rails.


I wrapped with the “wrong side” during these carries, which I actually love even more than the right side. Switching to a poppins finish was a great way to show both sides of this stunning print. There absolutely is no wrong side with Papillon. After changing to a front wrap cross carry (FWCC) my babe snuggled up and quickly fell right to sleep.


I want to send a shout out to Lalu Wovens for giving me the opportunity to host this beautiful traveler, it’s so great to be able to try new wovens. I also want to say a big thank you to Ashley who puts her time and effort into organizing the traveler group, without people like her, we wouldn’t have been able to try this Lalu Woven Papillon. Ashley was also so helpful and supportive when I had to fix pulls in the weave I had found, she made me confident and calm after having a mild heart attack upon disocovering them!

Hopefully we will be able to try more from Lalu Wovens in the future. This company makes great wraps at a fairly affordable price. If you want to find more information on Lalu Wovens you can find them on their website HERE








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