Liora Rae Wovens Review

Company: Liora Rae Wovens 

Wrap name: Flow 

Blend: 100% combed cotton

Size 4 (3.7)  280 GSM

Flow folded in thirds set on top of the tote bag it arrived in with the company logo printed on the outside

Liora Rae Wovens is a fairly new company based out of the UK. Natasha Stoller, mom of two of the cutest little red headed girls, is the owner and designer behind these vibrant machine woven wraps. 

My first impression of this prototype was it was so soft and broken in, a lot softer than I expected it to be. The color is beautiful, and was a major reason I was drawn to this woven to begin with. The feel of Flow compares closest to a machine woven Pavo Unicornio I once wrapped with. I find it super soft yet it offers some texture from the swirling water inspired print, while offering just a bit of stretch. 

I wrapped a variety of carries with this wrap including Half Jordans, Poppins, Front Torso, Shepherds, Ruck, and Robins Hip carry.  I particularly loved this wrap in Poppins carry. It was easy to tighten, I didn’t need to readjust at all, and it made the easiest pretty pleats I’ve ever got from a Poppins Carry. 

Poppins carry

I also loved this wrap in a Ruck. Comfortable on the shoulders, and supportive with my 23 lb daughter who couldn’t decide if she wanted arms in or out, hence the loose looking top rail here! My seat and passes stayed locked in place and my girl couldn’t go far, even with her regular leaning to try to reach the leaves off the tree.

Rucksack Carry

When it came to carries with a pass I found I had to put a little more effort into pulling up over baby’s bottom, as the wrap does offer a good amount of grip to it. My only regret is not creating a slipknot carry, which is often my favorite test of just how grippy a wrap really is. 

Shepherds Carry

I couldn’t resist testing Flow on my kindergardener in a Double Hammock which eventually led to a back torso carry, a true test of the amazing support Flow offers. I bounced around with 47 lbs on my back for only about fifteen minutes and the only discomfort I experienced was from the knot on my chest digging in. I loved the easy chest pass I got here too!

Double Hammock turned Back Torso Carry

The density of Flow is thin-medium but Natasha had informed me that this prototype is slightly thinner than the wraps produced. I found the width perfect, I wasn’t struggling to make a seat but also didn’t have too much fabric bunching up in between us. 

I would absolutely recommend this wrap to my clients and friends. I believe it would carry newborns to around 25 lbs comfortably. If one was to carry a heavier toddler, I would recommend a multipass carry as I do with most heavier toddlers. There are some very pretty new woven wraps released from Liora Rae now so make sure you head over and check them out!

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