LipSense Review

LipSense by SeneGence has made a big splash across my Facebook Page recently and I couldn’t resist the urge to try it out. LipSense is a smudge-proof, kiss-proof and waterproof color that lasts from 4 to 18 hours!

I have 4 colors now and I love layering them together to get even more colors out of them. If you are wanting to start out with a nice neutral color I recommend Pink Champagne, it is my new favorite I can put on with some mascara for a quick everyday face.

Here is how long it lasted during my day:

I bought a starter kit for my first purchase which includes one lip color, a gloss to seal and refresh it throughout the day, and ooops remover to fix any application mistakes and remove the product when you choose. This starter kit is $67+tax (Canadian pricing) and might feel a bit pricey the first time. I suggest buying a mellow color for your first unless you wear lipstick often have a good idea of what colors suit you best. Once you have your starter kit your colors won’t feel so costly at $30 each.

3 layers Roseberry
3 layers Caramel Apple Diamond

What I like about LipSense:

  • It lasts! Truly lasting all day, no reapplying necessary unless you want to touch up your waterline throughout the day on bolder colors.
  • Totally smudge proof. I can kiss my family as much as I want with it on! If you follow me you know I am a woven wrap lover, and I don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on my wrap either. Love that!
  • I feel put together and pretty without having to put in much effort. This is huge for a busy on the go momma like me.
  • You can layer colors together. Once you have more then one color, it’s fun to layer them and you can get more colors and different looks out of them. This is one of my favorite things about it!
  • It’s actually good for your lips. Your lip health improves as you use it, you notice less of the crack lip look over time. The gloss has ingredients like Shea butter and Vitamin E to keep lips feeling healthy.
  • So many color choices! There really is a color for everyone, regardless of your age. Even my mom is rocking LipSense!
  • GMO free, wax free, lead free, cruelty free, and vegan.

What I don’t like:

  • Applying LipSense takes practice especially with bold colors. My tip for this is apply in the brightest natural light spot in your home. In the beginning I would think I did a nice application I get outside…um not so much.
  • The tingling on your lips when you apply feels a bit weird. This gets better as your lips gets healthier.

The things I like about LipSense definitely outweigh the things I don’t like, and the cons of it are things that get better over time.
If you are interested in trying it, feel free to join this Chatter Page on Facebook called EcoBella chatter and my friend Katrina can help you with all your LipSense needs.

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