Maehem Handwovens French Quarter Review

Company: Maehem Handwovens

Name: French Quarter

Size: 3.6m

Blend: Cotton warp/Tencel Weft

Weave Structure: Heart Weave

We have been hosting this beautiful handwoven created by Maehem Handwovens the last week thanks to a Babywearing Momma friend of ours 💚 

The soft rainbow grad reminds me of rainbow sorbet with a cotton warp and tencel weft it’s soft and squishy in hand with a decent amount of stretch. 

Although the heart weave does offer some grip and support it wasn’t quite supportive enough to carry my 25lb toddler with for long amounts of time. After about 15 minutes she started to sag and without stopping to retighten she became too low on me to be comfortable. 

I found a simple Ruck with great tightening and Shepherds Carry to be the best choices for us with this handwoven, but we also tried a Double Hammock tub and a Half Jordans with cccb too. 

This wrap would be absolutely lovely with a squishy newborn, offering so much softness and moldability and would also be friendly to a new wrapper. I’ll be keeping my eye on this weaver that seems to have an impeccable eye for color combinations. Join the Chatter Page here and follow along.

[Images above are of a women carrying her baby on her back outdoors in a soft rainbow green, pink, orange and yellow wrap. One close up of a chest pass and pleats on a shoulder, and bum shot, knot shot, and cccb. Background is various trees]

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