Making bath time easier with BBLÜV Käp {+Giveaway}

Hands up for how many mom’s have kids who dislike water in their eyes? Ya, that was a lot of hands that just went up. Bblüv is making bath time easier with Käp, an adjustable silicone bath cap that keeps the water away from those precious eyes and also adds a little fun to bath time. Käp is suitable for any age of child and I’ve enjoyed using it with both of my daughters, ages two and six.

Make bath time easier with this shampoo and water repellent cap from bbluv

Make bath time easier with this shampoo and water repellent cap from bbluv

Here are a few other things I like about Käp:

  • Soft and durable silicone
  • Offered in 3 different colors
  • Adjustable band to fit any age 0+
  • Adds fun to bathtime
  • Designed in Canada

Make bath time easier with this shampoo and water repellent cap from bbluv

This product has been a big hit here, both of our girls want to use it every bath. My six year old can lie back and rinse her hair in the tub, so using Käp has been more of a fun thing then necessity for her.

Our two year old was really fighting us with rinsing and using Käp has just made bath time so much easier for her (and me!)

There is a short video we posted to the Momma Luvz Instagram page here and you can really see how great it keeps the water and shampoo away from the eyes.

Thanks to my friends over at bblüv I have one Käp to give away! Giveaway runs from Dec 4th-9th and winner will be contacted via email. Open to residents of Canada and United States.  You can enter to win by clicking below 🙂

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I previously did a review on the Dose snack containers and I’m very impressed by this company’s ideas. Make sure you check out bblüv for more innovative products for your babes! You can find bblüv here:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Here’s to adding a little fun to bath time, while making it easier on us parents and caregivers at the same time!

15 thoughts on “Making bath time easier with BBLÜV Käp {+Giveaway}

  1. My 4 year old struggles with showering because of the water getting in his face. I think it would make shower time a bit quicker for everyone.

  2. This would’ve been great for my 4 year old as we are still struggling to wash her hair.
    My 2 year old son could use this as he showers as he doesn’t care about water in his face, so much so that he often starts sputtering!
    The 6 week old would definitely get good use out of this 😍

  3. This would certainly make bath time faster. Without having to struggle to get my daughter’s hair washed, we will be done in no time!

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