May Flowers by Wheat & Rose Review



Wrap Name: May Flowers

Company: Wheat & Rose

Size: 4.6 m (size 6)

Blend: 40% linen, 60% cotton


Pros/What I loved about this handwoven wrap: Thin in hand, and my preference is to thinner wraps. Great mouldability so it made an amazing chest pass. Medium amount of grip so it stayed put once I created a seat and my knots didn’t slip, ring knots only needed to be tightened once per carry, that may not have been needed if I had used a medium ring. I like to be able to complete a slip knot without struggling, and I could do that easily. The beautiful diamond weave and vibrant colours. I really fell in love with these colours and I’m not usually much for yellow but it worked great here. I also loved the weft change in the middle, as well as the lines to make the middle marker for something different. Linen blend showed great support without being diggy, even with my 40 lb preschooler. May Flowers was also great with my 20 lb baby, so I would say it is great from newborn to toddlerhood.

Cons/This wrap may not be for you if: you like mega amounts of grip, or you prefer thick wraps. This wrap doesn’t have a whole bunch of bounce to it, so if your looking for stretch and bounce vs support this wrap might not be for you. Wheat & Rose had not received her company tags at this point, so wrap was not tagged. She has received them now and May Flowers will be tagged once it arrives home from travelling.

Full review below:

DSC_3360edit2wmI was generously accepted to be in a small tester group for this beautiful handwoven, created by weaver Britney of Wheat & Rose out of Bay Tree, Alberta. When I received this handwoven, the first detail I noticed was the cute bag Britney made to carry it in. Details like this are always a nice touch, with a closure that matches the weave, and it includes the company logo on the outside. Upon opening, and inspecting the wrap, a few things stood out to me; first: the diamond weave. It’s absolutely stunning, and gives the wrap a unique, textured look. Next great detail: the middle marker that is woven in before a weft colour change occurs. It’s great to have something that is subtle yet still noticeable enough that you know what it’s there for.

Handmade bag wrap arrived in
Weft change from yellow into black. Middle marker are lines down the middle

Wow, does Britney ever know how to make great colour choices. When I had seen her first photo of her weaving this beauty, I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about the yellow, but I was wrong about that. The yellow brightens this wrap up beautifully, and looks amazing with the blues and purples. The weaving is done beautifully, I couldn’t spot any irregularities or mistakes in the weave, however I am still learning to have an eye for those types of things. The selvages are straight and clean. The wrap is very soft in hand, and thin, with an airy lightweight feel.

The first carry completed was a double hammock with my 40 lb preschooler. I was intrigued as to what support the linen was going to offer, and that is why I choose my heavy girl first. I had only tried one linen blend prior to May Flowers and I didn’t find it very comfortable. May Flowers was nothing like that. Soft and not diggy whatsoever on my shoulders, and offered great support.

Double Hammock with twists tied under bum
Double Hammock with Freshwater finish

I find the wrap quite mouldable, and created a great effortless chest pass. I was able to tie off fairly easily, and I credit that to the mouldability and weight of this woven.

Over a few days, I tried a few different carries with my baby, who at 10 months old weighs approximately 20 lbs now. We started with a rucksack carry, I noticed how the wrap moulded again here when making a seat, I didn’t have to worry about any drooping, it stuck nicely around her bottom. We also did a reinforced ruck later in the day, and I was easily able to create passes due to the medium amount of grip. Over my course of testing different handwoven wraps, I have come to realize that a woven with a high amount of grip is not for me.

Rucksack Carry
Rucksack Carry tied Tibetan
Reinforced Rucksack Back Carry

When completing a half jordan’s back carry with a candy cane chest belt (HJBC w CCCB) I made the prettiest CCCB I have ever made! I love it when I can get bubbly twists with ease, and also loved how all the colours of the wrap showed through.

I brought this woven out to a local spot with a photographer friend of mine, and she captured some amazing shots in a few other carries. Emma, my photographer friend from Pure Aisling Photography, taught me bit about the “Golden Hour”, which is a great hour to shoot photos in. It’s when the sun is setting but not quite down yet, you can see that glow in some of these photos. First I tied a kangaroo carry, moving into a front wrap cross carry. With each carry I completed, I wrapped with ease in May Flowers. Britney at Wheat & Rose has done a great job with this wrap, and I am excited to see and have the opportunity to test more from her in the future.


Big thank you to:

Britney, the artisan at Wheat & Rose for lettting me test May Flowers, you can find Wheat & Rose on Facebook by clicking HERE

Emma at Pure Aisling Photography for capturing some amazing moments with my daughter. You can find Pure Aisling Photography on Facebook by clicking HERE



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