My Farideh Experience


Farideh Seven Skies by Banu Textiles

50% cotton 50% silk

5m (size 7)

Price Range: High

Wrapee: 18 lbs, 7 month old & 40 lbs 4 year old

As I have dived into my babywearing journey over the last 6 months, I have got more and more curious about some of the handwoven wraps. Are they really that much better? Are they worth the money? Well my friends, the answer is yes. I had seen Farideh wraps here and there from a few local ladies that owned them, and always thought they were beautiful. It wasn’t until I was added to the Farideh wrap chatter group, that I really saw the art in them.

This woven was created by Farideh Barani, the weaver behind Banu Textiles. Her work experiments with fibres and colors which result in art like pieces. In many of her creations, the yarn is actually hand painted with the dyes before it’s dried and eventually woven. It is quite amazing, I didn’t really know the extensive process of these beautiful handwovens until I was offered to host this wrap and started to do my research.


This wrap that was generously lent to me to host, is a cotton warp, silk weft. This was also my first experience with silk. The first carry I did was a simple ruck, tied tibetan for a stroll around the local mall. From the first tightening of the rails I knew how special this wrap was. The silk glided as I completed my leg passes with ease, and the wrap moulded right to my body. I ended up walking the mall for over an hour, comfortably I might add, which is a rare occurrence in a rucksack carry.

My next test was to see how the support of this wrap would be as I my baby is only 18 lbs, and 7 months old. If I am ever going to commit to buying one of these artwork pieces, it needs to hold up for a couple years! After a treat bribe (ha!) I threw my 4 year old up in a double hammock and strolled her around our back yard for a good 25 minutes. She is 40 lbs and I still felt comfortable wearing her, which I have only experienced with one other wrap so far. Let me tell you, this “cush” on the shoulders wrappers talk about, is real, and it’s proven with this piece of art called Seven Skies.

My last day hosting Seven Skies was a day filled with sunshine and beautiful photos walking around our local park. Going from a rucksack carry to a double hammock, and ending with my first tandem carry. With each carry I completed with this Farideh, I see the colors in another light every time, it’s truly beautiful.

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This woven had such a smooth texture and airy feel when wearing it, and was such an absolute pleasure to wrap with. It has exceeded any of my handwoven wrap expectations, and I’m honestly not sure if I will ever find anything better. Does that even exist? It makes me want to venture further into the world of handwovens to see. The entire process of hosting this wrap was such a great experience, from learning the background of how it’s woven, to exploring it’s wrap qualities, and then finding absolute comfort in wearing it. I hope I will be able to host another Farideh in my babywearing future. A huge thank you goes out to Chandace for giving me the oppportunity to try this little piece of heaven. I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I do!


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