Oh Sew Baby: White/Blue Victorian Review

Company: Oh Sew Baby

Name: White/Blue Victorian

Size: 6 (4.6m)

Blend: 100% cotton

Price Range: Low

Wrapee: 21 lb, 1 year old


Oh Sew Baby is a company based out of Langley, BC in Canada and has jumped onto the baby carrier market offering quality carriers at affordable prices. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of a tester group to try this woven. I was the last to receive this wrap out of a 10 person tester group so I can’t speak much to how the wrap feels initially from loom state but it is very soft arriving to me.

My first impressions of this wrap is wow! The sheen is beautiful and makes this wrap shine, if I only had a wedding to attend I would be wearing this without a doubt. The color and shine make it feel fancy, however due to the great price point it automatically makes me okay with wearing it as an everyday wrap and not fretting. I’m also loving the bit of texture I can feel as I run my hand across it. I normally gravitate towards wraps with more color, but I am quite smitten with this woven and excited to give it a try.

20160912_142631I have completed front, hip and back carries with this wrap and enjoyed it with each carry. We started with a front wrap cross carry after a long night of practically no sleep with my cranky teething baby girl. Offering easy, pretty pleats and a nice drape with a FWCC, tightening was easy and the wrap hugged around my baby’s back and my shoulders. I did experience a small amount of dig on my shoulders with this front carry however not enough to be uncomfortable. This woven feels thin in your hand, and also offers some texture. From previous woven wraps I have tried I can compare it best to the Didymos Aurora I had previously owned. Aesthetically the leafy parts in the print of this woven remind me a lot of the Sling Studio Bracken.

Image of Teresa carrying her daughter in a front wrap cross carry. The wrap is a shiny light blue color with a white leafy/paisly Victorian print. You can see the pleats down the the rail of the wrap. Mom looks tired and baby is staring off to the side with her big brown eyes.

This wrap doesn’t offer a whole lot of grip, but more glide. I can easily tie a slipknot and tighten it with ease in a hip carry. I would say this wrap would shine with a newborn, up to just over a one year old baby. I loved the photo that was captured breastfeeding my baby in a traditional sling carry. It was so effortless to loosen that slipknot down to latch her on to nurse.

Image of Teresa carrying her daughter in a traditional sling carry and she is nursing. The long tails of the wrap and flowing onto the grassy ground.

I particularly loved using this wrap for back carries. I think as my baby gets heavier, it’s all around just more comfortable for me to carry her on my back. When tying a Rucksack carry I enjoyed the glide again and didn’t feel that diggy feeling on my shoulders like I was feeling in the FWCC. The wrap was easy to wrap with and held in place fairly well, I only readjusted once in a ruck that lasted more then 30 minutes at one of our local playgrounds.


Image 1 is Teresa carrying her daughter in a rucksack back carry. Her baby is looking away at the ground and Teresa is holding a portion of the wraps tail outwards. Image 2 is a close up of the carry with a nice deep seat and baby’s legs are in a M position.

This White/Blue Victorian shines in a double hammock, my favorite carry in this wrap. This carry highlights how moldable this wrap is and shows through in an amazing chest pass and the prettiest chest belt. It was so easy to wrap this carry, never struggling to make a pass due to the glide this woven offers. My baby was still able to do a bit of bouncing she loves to do while on my back due to the medium amount of stretch,  however she didn’t budge much at all. This shows that even without a lot of grip it can still hold it’s own support wise when choosing the right carry, which I believe comes from the texture of this wrap.


Image 1 is a close of the wrap with a chest pass and cccb in a double hammock carry. The Oh Sew Baby logo on the tag is showing. Image 2 is a close up on Teresa with her daughter on her back in the double hammock carry. Her baby is looking away and Teresa is smiling at the camera. There is a large spruce tree as the background.

In conclusion, I would absolutely recommend this Oh Sew Baby wrap to a client or friend. I think this is the perfect newborn wrap with it’s softness and ease to wrap with. From the beautiful color and pattern, to the light and airy softness, this wrap was a pleasure to play with. If you like a lot of grip in a wrap, or have a larger toddler, you may want to try another carrier from Oh Sew Baby, perhaps in another blend that may offer more support like linen. The one and only thing I wasn’t fussy about on this wrap was the middle marker. It was a tiny loop style tag that after going through ten hosts, was fraying a little, so that is something I would relay to the company that could possibly be improved upon.

Thank you so much to Jackie from Oh Sew Baby for allowing me to be part of this tester group. I am interested in trying more from this company and would love to get my hands on something in a linen blend in the future as my baby grows bigger to compare the two fibres.  Make sure you click on the links below to follow this emerging Canadian company.

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