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Original Sprout is exactly what the label states, worry free luxury. This product is 100% vegan and cruelty free, uses no parabens, no use of soy, gluten, honey, peanut or dairy. Original Sprout uses only the safest, soothing, organic and natural ingredients. This line was created by Inga Tritt, Mother and Master stylist. It has been praised by many celebrities and celebrity stylists. The three products I chose to test were the Hair & Body Babywash, the Deep Conditioner, and the Scrumptious Baby Cream.  This line is a little pricier than I was used to paying, but since I decided several months ago to start reducing chemicals in my home, I was willing to give it a try. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not uber expensive, but if your used to buying the regular Johnson’s or Aveeno, etc. it can seem like quite the price jump.

One of the great things about Original Sprout is that is can be used on Babies and up. So  it was suitable for my six month old baby, my 4 year old, and of course I had to try some myself. We started with the Hair and Body Babywash, and with the first pump I fell in love with the smell. It is a fresh smell, that isn’t overpowering, but has just the right amount of a fresh clean baby like scent. I didn’t need to use a whole ton of product, as it lathers very well which is something I always look for in a body wash product. I don’t want to have to use handfuls of a product to get my girls or myself clean. I liked how I can use the Babywash for hair AND body, perfect to wash my girls quickly for a mom on the go. It is gentle on the eyes too, which is obviously a must for any kids wash product. Something I should also add is, for babies, this product naturally helps clear cradle cap. I’ve never had any experience with this myself, but I have spoken to many moms that have and I would recommend this product to them in the future. After using this bottle for sometime, I became more then happy with paying the higher price tag for it, due to the fact I don’t need to use very much, so I can make it lasts longer then I ever expected.


Next we tried the Deep Conditioner, I used this on my 4 year old, as I didn’t find it necessary for the baby who hardly has any hair. My big girl however, had me noticing that her hair was looking a little tangled at times recently. The conditioner gave her a smooth, soft look once her hair was dried, aswell as some mega shine. I later tried this conditioner on myself, and found that although it was great smelling, and light in texture, I think I prefer something a bit thicker on my own hair.

Next was the Scrumptious Baby Cream, which I may add, lived up to every praise that had been shared with me from the lady in our local store that sold it to me. It glided on so smoothly, the scent is absolutely glorious, and left my baby and big girl so ultra soft. This is a product I will always use in the future.

Ultimately, if I had to choose one of the products from this line, I would choose the Hair and Baby Wash due to the fact that it’s convenient to have both a wash and a shampoo in one bottle, and it leaves my girls clean, and ultra soft.  I am regularly using the Hair and Baby Wash and the Scrumptious Cream on both of my daughters since I have tried this line, and I am hooked. I would highly recommend this line to any parents that would like to enjoy worry free luxury. What makes Original Sprout a “Momma Luvz” for me is the organic and worry free properties, and it leaves my girls feeling soft, clean and smelling amazing.


Pros: All Natural, lathers well, smells amazing, usable on entire family, available in stores and online, great product that is worth the cost. I also want to add I have heard amazing things about the styling balm and the sunscreen, which I plan to try next.

Cons: Little pricey, deep conditioner more suited to children.

Buy it here :https://www.originalsprout.com/

*The thoughts and opinions on this review are strictly my own, not those of the company*




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  1. I have a 6 and 7 year old with sensitive skin. Thanks for the review. I’m definitely going to try these products.

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