Prism by LJHandwovens Review

LJHandwovens is owned by Laura Johnson, who is also the weaver behind the business. Based in Marlborough, Massachusetts Laura is a mother to six children. Yes you read that right, six. When I asked Laura how she ever has time to weave her response was:

“The baby is typically worn while weaving, and my husband helps a ton. We have a few dye artists and dye ourselves. My husband creates an amazing warp! He’s been known to do his part weaving as well. I have an amazing and wonderful admin that is worth more than gold and I’ve been lucky enough to find clients/ turned helpers that truly care about the good of LJH. So you see it’s truly a team effort and alone this just could not be.”

I was thrilled when I was asked to complete a review on one of Laura’s beautiful handwoven creations. I had seen LJHandwovens popping up in my news feed and on the largest handwoven Facebook group Loom to Wrap before, so I was very excited to get more familiar with LJH. So without further a due, I introduce to you:  Prism

Prism is a 4.2m (size 5) egyptian cotton warp, tencel weft and is woven in a crepe weave. With a stunning rainbow warp and beautiful turquoise color weft, Prism has black top and bottom rails and rainbow tails with turquoise pinstripe accents that make it so unique and appealing to the eye.

I am in awe of the design upon inspection once receiving Prism and I know I’ve said this before but it is my favorite wrap yet esthetic wise. I’ve always been a big fan of rainbows wraps (my second daughter is my rainbow baby) and turquoise is and will always be my favorite color. I adore the middle markers, one side a peace sign and the other side 3 small pink hearts printed on the tag which are both symbols tied into the company tags as well. Prism seems to glow in any type of lighting I photograph it in.

The tencel gives this wrap extreme softness, and I can feel the squishiness and good amounts of horizontal and diagonal stretch when I have Prism in my hands. It feels thin in hand but wraps cushy with no dig on the shoulders.

I have tried a variety of carries and I didn’t experience sag carrying my 21 lb toddler which came as a surprise to me since the last few handwoven wraps with tencel I’ve tried haven’t quite been able to support her for very long time periods. With that being said I chose more multipass carries as those are my go to now days with my toddler, however even in a front carry I didn’t experience slip or sag.

Prism’s wrap qualities:

  • More glide then grip. I can easily create passes over baby’s back and tighten through a slipknot.
  • Medium support, holds weight without changing shape. My girl can still bounce around comfortably due to the stretch in this woven, but I don’t feel her sag.
  • Moldable & Floppy. I got beautiful chest passes and Prism hugs my toddler’s back nicely, and I get easy pleats.
  • Airy. This handwoven has a looser weave that makes it light and stretchy. The tencel combined with the airy weave makes this a perfect summer wrap.
  • Soapy. Slick and smooth in hand, like soap between your fingers. Even with this slick feel, knots will hold nicely.

We got out for a shoot with Haley from Stronghold Photography and she captured some beautiful photos of us wearing Prism. 

In conclusion, I’d confidently say Prism is suitable from newborn to toddlerhood. It’s softness would shine with a newborn and a new wrapper wouldn’t feel overwhelmed since the glide makes for easy wrapping. Wearers that love bright colors and glowing wraps will love Prism.

Those who might pass on Prism would be wearers that like a lot of grip or thickness in a wrap. You also might shy away if you prefer more neutral colors, or very textured wraps.

Thank you so much to Laura at LJHandwovens for letting us play with and review Prism. It’s going to be super sad sending this one home! To learn more about LJH, you can follow them here:


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