Pura Kiki, the only bottle you need


These may just be the coolest bottles ever invented, from my point of view. Eco friendly, non toxic, bpa free, you name it, this bottle is where it’s at. Pura bottles have won many product awards and can last you from newborn stage to school aged.


Here is what makes this product a Momma Luvz:

-One size ring fits your preferred nipple. Some of the nipples that are compatable are Avent, Born Free, Dr. Brown’s, Think Baby, and any Pura spout. This way you can choose what nipple fits best with your baby.

-Converts from infant bottle to sippy cup, straw cup, and sport bottle, it will be the only bottle you’ll need. This to me is hands down the coolest feature, no more buying multiple styles of bottles and sippy cups!


-Spout cover is non slip, so no more bottle leaks in your diaper bag!

-Comes in many colors, you can choose non toxic painted or the silicone sleeve styles.

-Many accessories available including spout styles, sleeves, and sealing disks.

-Unbreakable and durable stainless steel design.

-Eco friendly, safe, 100% plastic free.



I started with the 5 oz style, and will soon be ordering the 11 oz style for my 8 month old. I purchased my Pura Kiki from Nature’s Baby Basket here , so head on over and check it out.

You can also check out the Pura website here if you would like to check out the product and see more information.



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