Review: Inoshi from Global Tapestry

This carrier named Inoshi is made by Global Tapestry based out of Australia. The concept has a belt of a mei tai, but has a woven wrap attached to the belt. The woven wrap is made from a Little Frog wrap and comes in your choice of endless color selections. I was able to hop in an educators tester group and take this unique carrier for a spin. The Inoshi I tested was a size large which was the equivalent to a size 7 woven so I was able to play with some different finishes that I enjoy.


What I love about the Inoshi:

  • Baby cannot pop the seat or leg straighten out due to the waist belt
  • Easier to learn proper tightening of a woven wrap with the belt support
  • Has a detachable hood which comes in handy when baby sleeps or in certain weather conditions
  • Lots of different finish options are possible
  • Rolly pillow is great to support a newborn baby
  • Comes in your choice of many color options
  • Can be used for newborns into toddlerhood
  • Great to have in a lending library or educator library for easy learning

Cons with the Inoshi:

  • Takes some time to read through all the instructions to properly understand how to effectively use this carrier
  • Can only do a certain amount of carries with it
  • I had a hard time achieving a nice knee to knee seat in back carries
  • Correct folding to fit into the carry bag takes a bit of time and room with this particular size

I don’t have many complaints about this carrier, in fact I quite enjoy it. The carries I enjoyed most in the Inoshi was the front wrap cross carry (fwcc) and a ruck with various finishes. There is enough length on this particular Inoshi to complete fancy finishes or tie Tibetan.

Front wrap cross carry
Ruck with Goddess Finish

I would highly suggest the Inoshi to anyone who loves a mei tai but has an interest in woven wraps. It is an excellent addition to any Babywearing Educator or Lending Library’s stash. The owner Jen Brown has created a great social media platform and posts helpful information and videos on how you can use the Inoshi.

Ruck tied Tibetan

Front Torso Carry

Like I pointed out above the biggest downfall I found was achieving a nice knee to knee seat during back carries, however I imagine with some practice I could have improved upon this.

Double Hammock

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