Robbins Nest Weaving

Canadian weaver, handpainted warp, beautiful colors inspired by the beach, what more could you want? 

Here is my review on the stunning wrap created by Robbins Nest Weaving.

Name: Beach Retreat

Company: Robbins Nest Weaving

Fiber Blend: 100% tencel 

Length: 4.2m (size 5)

My initial thoughts of this wrap are it is dense and cool in hand, and incredibly silky and shiney. My first experience with a 100% Tencel wrap, and it is much different than tencel/cotton blend wraps I’ve previously tried. It seems that when the tencel is blended with cotton it feels more fluffy and airy, while Beach Retreat feels almost heavy but not thick. I can tell the wrap is slick, but the weave does add a slight texture. 

This thin/medium wrap doesn’t have a lot of cush to it however I don’t find it diggy in a Ruck, and a the half knot held surprisingly well. Offering beautiful drape, lots of glide and just the right amount of grip which are some of my favorite wrap qualities. The weave helps lock a second pass on a double hammock carry into place, but this wrap is not that forgiving of a sloppy wrap job. Precise placement and proper tightening is needed to avoid sagging with my 25lb toddler.

Fairly moldable, it hugs around my girl nicely in a Robins Hip Carry and offers easy tightening in this carry. I can see this wrap being amazing with a newborn in front carries like Robins Hip, Traditional Sling and Kangaroo Carries. Anyone that likes glide over grip would love this beautiful handwoven. It has esthetically been one of my favorite wraps I’ve hosted to date. The lovely color story reminds me that spring is here and has me dreaming of sitting on the beach in the next few months.

If you have a heavier baby or toddler, the all tencel blend may not be your first choice unless you (or wrappee) have the proper patience to execute precisly tightened carries. For those who prefer a lot of grip or like overly smooshy and cushy wraps, you might pass on Beach Retreat. 

Thank you to the sweet momma that let us play with this gorgeous piece of textile art. Another huge thanks goes out to Stronghold Photography for capturing these absolutely stunning images of my girl and I. At 18 months old, these sleepy wrap naps are getting further apart and I cherish these images to hold these moments close to my heart.

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