Selfie Sunday

My week in selfies week ending October 16, 2016.

The beginning of our week started out with Thanksgiving, which wasn’t our normal Thanksgiving we are used to. As my husband just arrived home after working away for 3 weeks, I was one week in to a new diet a day exercise plan I have started. So instead of our normal turkey dinner with all the fixings, we settled for a turkey breast with yams & mashed, and a big green salad. I may have totally splurged on a tiny bit of gravy ha ha.

Excited to go pick daddy up at the airport!

We got a good amount of snow that fell and my girls were excited to get out there and play in it. This was the baby’s first time playing in the snow since she was only a newborn this time last year. I wasn’t quite prepared with proper winter gear at this point so don’t mind the fleece snowpants and Robeez.

Not quite sure about this snow stuff
Ok, it’s fun now!

As the week went on I’ve been sharing food photos with my bestie as we are challenging each other with our diet. Here are a few of my portion controlled, balanced meals.

Shrimp & Quinoa taco
Steak, mushroom, green salad with feta and homemade balsamic dressing

I took part in a homemade gift exchange with a group of ladies and looked to Pinterest for some ideas. I decided to make fall treat mix bags and was quite happy with how they turned out, Pinterest win!

Happy Fall Y’all! Even though it’s winter here already

A new handwoven ring sling I purchased from Butters & Bubsie arrived. Our first ups were quick so more photos will come soon of this beauty! Even the big girl wanted a try, resulting in my first ring sling back carry.

Lastly to finish the week off we took a weekend trip to Edmonton, Alberta. One of the biggest attractions is to visit the West Edmonton Mall where we shopped til we dropped and our big girl had a blast riding all the amusement rides in Galaxyland. It was great to have some fun family time to finish up our week. 

That is our week in selfies, I hope you all had a great week too! This week I am excited to have a new handwoven wrap arriving, and getting in some me-time now that my hubby is home. This momma is in need of some alone time after 3 weeks of single parenting, phew! Props to any momma that does this all on her own because it’s exhausting!!

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