New Parent or Caregiver? Not sure what type of carrier you want? Ready to learn Back Carrying? 

Whatever your needs are, I can help. As a Babywearing Educator trained by the Canadian Babywearing School I can provide you the guidance you need with hands on support in the comfort of your own home.

Sessions will be designed to cater to your babywearing needs. If there is something specific you are wanting to achieve or are just starting out we will work together to help you meet your goals. If you already have a carrier you need help using, or would like to try something new, I can provide any carrier from my teaching stock upon request. Please let me know with any session booking if you have a specific carrier you would like to learn with.

Introduction to Carriers-$50
This session is designed to learn about babywearing in all types of carriers. You will be able to try on different types of carriers to explore what might meet the needs of your family best.  We will discuss how to safely wear your baby, and I will provide you with instruction on how to use each style of carrier properly. Carriers from my teaching stock and safety pamphlet will be provided.

Front & Hip Carries in Woven Wraps-$45
You may know a basic carry in your woven, but would like to learn other front carries to do with your wrap. If you or your baby are no longer comfortable in your go-to carry, or are not ready to start back carrying yet, this session can be a helpful way to learn something new. Hip Carries are another way you can carry baby on your front and are great with heavier babies to toddlerhood. In this session you will practice the carries yourself with support from me. Woven Wraps in sizes 3-7 can be provided.

Back Carries-$45
Learn to safely back carry in a woven wrap, mei tai/bei dai or buckle carrier. Back Carrying can be intimidating and tough at first! Let me provide you some assistance and tips to help ease your way into back carrying. Practice time will be given to learn how to effectively carry your baby on your back with confidence. Carriers from teaching stock will be provided.

Group Sessions-$20/person minimum of 3 people in a group

Want to get together with your mom friends and try on some carriers or have a wrapping party perhaps? If you have 3 people that want to learn anything from the sessions mentioned above a group session is a great way to do this.

Online Session-$30

If you live in a remote area and don’t have access or a Babywearing Educator, or maybe you just need help troubleshooting with a carrier you already have this session is designed for you. By communicating via Skype, I can help you with questions or concerns about your carrier. I can provide you with retailers to purchase carriers from, credited tutorial videos to learn with, and provide follow up to any outstanding concerns within a week’s time period.

*Session times are limited to my children’s nap times for online sessions*

How this all works!

With any session you book with Momma Luvz, I will provide follow up such as credited tutorial videos to learn with, and I’m here to answer any outstanding questions or concerns you have via private message on my Facebook Page or e-mail. You can also choose to be added to my private Facebook support group I provide for any existing clients.

Private sessions take place in your home or mine (your choice) and generally last for 90 minutes. All sessions depend on how baby chooses to cooperate at that time. Please do not stress about anything while I am in your home. If you need to attend to baby’s needs, answer your phone, or wrangle a toddler into a wrap with a treat, trust me, I’ve seen and probably done it all myself!

*Discounts-Take $5 off your session if you come to my home. If you have previously had a session with me and leave a review on my Facebook page, take $5 off your next private session!