Sophie the Giraffe

There is a reason my daughter is about to give you a thumbs up in this photo, it’s because Sophie rocks! Since my baby has been teething the last couple months, I have explored many different teething toys.

Some of the toys we have tried include old fashion rings with liquid inside, silicone rings, wooden circles, and the Munch Mitt. I had always heard the buzz around Sophie the Giraffe, so I couldn’t help myself to see if it really lived up to the hype.

Sophie is a 7 inch high giraffe made from natural rubber. Originally from France, but made hugely popular in America around 2008. It has since gone on to win many product awards. My girl loved it! She just recently cut her first two teeth at 7 months old, and has been loving on the Sophie since about 6 months. What makes the Sophie a Momma Luvz for us is it has a balance of soft and bumpy surfaces to chew on, is nice and lightweight, and makes a fun squeaking sound for entertainment.

Mom tip: Pop it in the fridge for awhile for your baby to enjoy coolness on those throbbing gums.

The price range is about $18-$30 depending on what sort of store you visit to pick up your Sophie. I found it on for $23.99 so if your interested in buying you can click here

It is well worth the money in my opinion!

Hope you enjoy!

*The thoughts and opinions on this review are strictly my own, not those of the company.


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