Soul Slings Maze Blues Review 

The Company

Soul Slings which is based out of India, is a family run company that has made a huge splash over the last year. With all products woven in an ethical and environmentally friendly mill in Southern India, the mill runs strictly on wind and solar energy. Soul has recently been brought into Canada by vendor Carry Me Mommy so I jumped at the chance when I was offered a wrap to review.

The Wrap

Wrap Name: Maze Blues

Size: 6, 4.6m and 28 inches wide

Blend: 100% cotton

280 gsm

Price range: low-medium

My Review

My first impression upon opening up this wrap was how stunning the color and pattern are. The bright turquoise on a black base in a memorizing geometrical print, might just be one of my favorite machine woven designs to date. This wrap shines out in the snow on a day with no sunshine in site.

Maze Blues is a medium thickness and possesses some texture I can feel when I run my hand across the wrap. It feels surprisingly soft and spongy in the loom state and offers a good amount of vertical stretch and even more diagonally.

Our first carry was a front wrap cross carry and I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful pleats I got without trying (I love great pleats) as well as the support it offered with my 23 lb toddler.

Over the week that we played with this woven we enjoyed it in carries such as Reinforced Ruck with a candy cane chest belt, Robbins Hip Carry, Double Hammock, Ruck, and The All Nighter carry.

We took Maze Blues out into our snowy Alberta, Canada weather to capture some beautiful photos taken by Haley of Stronghold Photography. You can see how the wrap really shines and I was happy Haley was able to capture that on camera.

I enjoyed this wrap in each and every carry and would say it’s suitable for all ages from newborn to toddler. Maze gives such a snug moldable chest pass in a Double Hammock and feels nice and cushy on the shoulders in a simple Ruck. Maze will take a bit of breaking in but it gets softer fairly fast. I suggest braiding your wrap to help with this process. I don’t anticipate it being a long process as Maze is pretty soft to begin with.

I really enjoyed this Soul Maze wrap and would recommend it to any of my friends or clients. It has just the right amount of grip to not feel too slippery when you wrap with it, and feels supportive with a heavier baby too. I can make knots that hold nicely, but still tighten easily through any slipknot

Big thanks goes out to Carry Me Mommy for letting us play with this beautiful wrap!

Thank you to Stronghold Photography for capturing these beautiful images. I hope you enjoy these images of us in our Canadian winter as much as I do!

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