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Soul has recently released a new line of 100% linen wraps and ring slings that I was excited to get the opportunity to try. I had heard great things about how light and breathable linen is in the summer, and I had only tried linen blended with cotton up until this point. I am currently a *Soul Mate brand ambassador this summer and am enjoying the opportunity to get to know more about their carrier lineup.

[Image of Teresa front carrying her toddler in a blue wrap outdoors in a green treed background. Her toddler rests on her chest as Teresa holds her arms around her and smiles at the camera]

  • Wrap Name: Starling Linen
  • 100 % linen
  • Size 4

[Image of a light blue woven wrap on a wooden bench with the Soul logo and two pink wild roses on top]

Soul linen feels smooth and silky upon arrrival. It’s very thin and lightweight and has no stretch which I’m hoping will work well for my seat popping toddler. I get a tiny candy cane chest belt that doesn’t feel as diggy as I’d suspected it would due to the lack of cush during my first ups with Starling Linen. The first carry I did was a half jordans carry and I feel comfortable on a short walk to the bus stop and back.

[Image of a toddler being back carried arms out in a ruck carry outdoors in front of a wooden railed fence]

The next time I use this wrap is for a longer walk to capture some photos with Haley from Stronghold Photography. I choose a ruck first and find that I need to excerise careful tightening to avoid any slipping out of her seat, which she manages to pop a couple times in a ruck tied under bum.

[Two images. First image is toddler back carried in a Ruck now tied at shoulder as Teresa slightly smiles at the camera and toddler gazes off. Second image is a close up on a small toddler foot with the blue wrap and Soul logo beside it. Teresa’s red and blue floral printed dress along with blurred green trees act as the background]

As I walk a longer distance I do find I’m having to choose my carry’s wisely to avoid slipping. A bunched pass under bum with the wrap tied at my shoulder is more suitable to hold my 26 lb toddler in a back carry. Careful tightening is required to have this wrap hold up for longer wearing times with my girl. As I discover the carries that work best for us with Starling, I realize that this wrap may have been better in a base size rather then a shorty to support my toddler in multipass carries more. Starling is however very cool and does hold my knots fairly well once they are nice and tight.

[Close up image of a candy cane chest belt and pleated shoulder with a two toned blue wrap that has a deep red rose tucked inside the knot]

In conclusion Soul linen will be a great wrap for the summer, offering a light and airy feel with little breaking in period. At an excellent price point anyone looking for a wrap on a budget would appreciate the value of this linen woven. They have some beautiful colorways with another favorite of mine being the Goldfinch which is a beautiful yellow. The linen lineup will be great in single layer carries for a newborn and also won’t be as diggy due to the softness right out of package.

A brand new wrapper might pass on the linen and choose a wrap more forgiving to a sloppier wrap job until they have their tightening skills down. I’d also recommend the cotton lineup such as Maze from Soul that I’ve previously reviewed here if you have a heavier baby or toddler and are looking for more support.

All photos by Stronghold Photography

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*As a Soul Mate I received this wrap at a discounted price, but all of my honest review opinions are my own.

[Series of 7 images of Teresa carrying her daughter in both front and back carries outdoors in green treed backgrounds. One shot is a close up of toddlers face, and another of Teresa and toddler laughing as Teresa attempts to tickle her in a back carry. There is a shot where toddler is breastfeeding and the last shot a close up of just Teresa is visable and the wrap is tied in a candy cane chest belt]

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  1. Very nice colour and beautiful display of the wrap. I like how you do recommendations whether good for newborn or bigger toddler carries. Love the knots.

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