Tekhni Delta Pax Review

Company: Tekhni Wovens
Wrap: Delta Pax
Size: 3.8m (size 4)
Blend: 55% Cotton 45% Repreve

Half Jordan’s Carry with a Candy Cane Chest Belt at Muncho Lake, BC

I want to start off by saying how this company has become one of my favorite woven wrap brands. Tekhni has such a great way of communicating with their customers through social media outlets, often featuring their customers photos on their pages. There is something to be said about making your customer feel involved with a company they have chosen to purchase from. The creator, Alisa DeMarco, is very active on the Talk About Tekhni Facebook group, which also stands out to me. How many creators of a machine woven wrap brand are active in Facebook groups and social media outlets? Not as many as you would hope. Alisa makes great quality woven wraps at an affordable price.

I started my journey into Tekhni with my second blog post I’d ever written, on Tekhni Meandros. I quickly became a lover of Repreve, the fibre created from broken down recycled water bottles. Since trying Meandros, I’ve gone on to join the Tekhni Canadian Travelers group and have had the opportunity to try other styles of their wovens. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with each one, and have went on to purchase three different styles of Tekhni woven wraps, including this wonderful Delta Pax.


Delta came to me already very soft and smooshy as a used baby wrap. I purchased it for myself, as I had been drawn to the great colorway of this wrap, one that was so vibrant and fun. Over the last few months, this has become my go to wrap of choice, due to the coolness of the Repreve as well as the shorter length in the heat.

I have completed a few different carries with this woven and I have captioned the carries in the photos. This is a short review, and here are what I consider some of the pros and cons of this wrap, from my point of view only.

Rucksack Back Carry



Pros: The colours are stunning, I often get asked by people where they can buy this wrap. The Repreve fibre offers coolness in the summer, which is probably why I reach for it the most in the heat. Very cushy on the shoulders, I can rock a ruck with this wrap for a long period of time without discomfort. I like the stretch and bounce that this blend offers. Glides easily and I can complete multi pass carries with ease. Not too much grip or density. I am a big lover of this wrap, it will probably never leave my stash as long as I can wear my baby.

Kangaroo Carry
Traditional Sling carry with a slipknot


Double Hammock Double Rings

Cons: This wrap might not be for you if you like thick wraps without any stretch, or you like lots of grip in a wrap. These are not cons for my preferences in woven wraps, but may be for some. I have also heard from other wearers that Delta is a bit thin for heavier babies, I myself haven’t experienced this as my baby is only 20 lbs at this time.


Delta Pax has grown to become one of my top reached for and most comfortable in my collection of woven wraps, which makes it Momma Luvz to me. If you haven’t tried Delta before, I highly recommend it. Tekhni is also a great company due to the fact that you can access select products in their Etsy shop. For access to the Etsy shop Click Here You can also visit them on Facebook by Clicking Here

Enjoy and Happy Wearing!

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