Tekhni Meandros Candy

Company: Tekhni Wovens

Name: Meandros Candy

Blend: 55% cotton 45% repreve

Size 7, 5.2m 280gsm

Price rang: medium


Last week I had the pleasure of finally having my first experience with Tekhni Repreve. I have had my eye on Tehkni for awhile now, and have heard amazing reviews about Repreve. This wrap was generously lent to me by a friend to test, and one of the things that intrigued me about it was the Repreve yarn that Tekhni used for this it is made from recycled water bottles. How amazing that a company can make a green recycled wrap. I think of a few of my environmentally concious friends when I try this wrap, and think how impressed they will be when they hear of this recycled woven.250px-Warp_and_weftThe Candy colorway is a natural white cotton warp, and the pink weft is Repreve. For beginners that have never wrapped before, perhaps I should explain what warps and weft means. I was clueless to any of this when I first started out, but along the way it has been interesting to learn about the huge world of textiles. The warp, are the lenthwise yarns that are held in tension or a frame or loom. The yarn that is inserted over and under the warp threads, is called the weft. In the Meandros Candy, colorway is a natural white cotton warp, and the pink weft is Repreve.


It has a medium weight, great stretch to it, while still being very supportive. After exploring the feel of the wrap I decided to put the Repreve to the test, and see if the cush I have been told about truely is as soft and supportive as I have been told. It was very soft to the touch and easy to wrap with in terms of moulding it while your wrapping  I did a double hammock carry, and headed out to the local hiking trails with my family. Side note: this way my very first time with middle marker success, yay! (a proud moment for a wrapper in the babywearing world)


I walked on the hiking trail for a full hour with my little 18 pounder on my back, and the only time I felt the weight was walking up very steep inclines. The Repreve is very forgiving on the shoulders, and with the support of a double hammock carry that provides a chest pass to distribute the weight easier, it was a pleasure to carry her for this long.

What makes this Tekhni wrap a momma luvz for me is the cush and comfort of the Repreve, the recycled fibre that makes it green and enviormentally friendly, and that the cost isn’t overly crazy for it either. I am looking forward to trying more Tekhni wovens in the future after trying this Meandros Candy. Big thanks to my friend Kristina for letting us play with it for awhile!





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