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True North Ring Slings is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta created by Anali, a true Canadian girl raised in the Prairies. Anali decided to create this brand after she found linen slings a little harder to come by in Canada. You can read more about her story HERE

I’m always excited to try a sling from a Canadian company. It always intrigues me to try carriers that are easily accessible in Canada that I can share with my clients, friends and social media followers. True North creates quality linen ring slings, with most of the fabric being sourced in Canada.

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Now, onto the one we got to play with! 
We were sent the Glacier colorway in the single layer linen blend (True North has double layer Slings too, fyi) My first impression was the color was LOVE, I’m a big blue fan (blue eyed gal here) so I’m normally drawn to this color. 

At first feel the linen felt a bit crunchy, but after only one wash it softened up nicely. I have only used linen in handwoven wraps so far, normally paired with cotton so this was a new experience for me dealing with all linen. Linen can be quite nubby, so after washing I was a bit scared thinking “where did these nubs come from?” Not to worry, totally normal! Anali from True North also informed me that the more you wear linen, it will smooth down quite a bit. 
I found this ring sling thin and easy to tighten, which is not always the case with some and is often what personally keeps me away from ring sling use sometimes. The linen is airy, and I could see myself loving this sling for summertime use.  

One of the best qualities of linen is it’s strength, it offers amazing support with any size of baby. My daughter is 23 lbs now, and I had no discomfort carrying her so I would absolutely say it’s toddler worthy. The linen will also be more moldable the more you wear it, but even after just the one wash, I felt this sling hugged around my girl quite nicely. 

This particular ring sling is affordably priced at $89.99 with free shipping offered within Canada, a great price I would feel comfortable recommending to anyone. If your looking for a ring sling that is easy to use and provides great support from newborn to toddler, go check out True North Ring Slings, and shop Canadian! 

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