Wrap Tai/Meh Dai Tutorial


Our new Lenny Lamb Wrap Tai such a huge Momma Luvz for us, we thought we would do a quick Wrap Tai tutorial for everyone, and this is the same way you would go about tying a Meh Dai. Although a Meh Dai looks complicated with all it’s straps, they really are very easy to use and are a quicker alternative to a woven wrap, and not as bulky as a buckle carrier. Meh Dai’s can easily pop into your diaper bag, are very accessible, and start off at great low price points (approx $40)

This Lenny Lamb is a newer version of a Meh Dai only using wrap material to make wide, spreadable straps which are very comfortable. The colorway I use in the video is the Lenny Lamb Rainbow Lace Silver.

Thanks, and Happy Wearing!

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