XOXO Buckle Carrier Review

We had the opportunity to play with the XOXO Baby Carrier for the last few weeks courtesy of Lollypop Kids. This carrier is unique due to the buckle waist with wrap straps and works perfectly for someone that likes the moldability of a woven wrap but the ease of a buckle waist, and I find it great for little seat poppers.

[2 images. First image is Teresa tightening the purple XOXO carrier with her toddler in a front carry outdoors on a long dock. Second image is Teresa holding her daughter close in a front carry with a lake and tall green grass in background]

This carrier is from the Eco2 collection with a blend of 56% recycled cotton, 30% cotton and 14% polyester. The Eco2 cotton is created from recycled tee shirts and I can see the company has a focus on environmentally friendly products due to the fabric choices they have used. You can buy this buckle wrap in a repreve blend as well, another great eco friendly option created from recycled water bottles. XOXO is a one size carrier that is suitable for babies and toddlers from 7-35 lbs.

[Image of a purple XOXO Baby Carrier neatly folded in the grass with a long white Gladiolus flower on top on the carrier]

My preference was a front carry with my toddler, and I found it supportive enough for all 26 lbs of her. This carrier offers 4 different carrying positions: front, back, hip and forward facing carries. We are trying the Eggplant Emoji colorway that in brighter lighting looks like a deep purple, and in darker lighting comes off as a greyish color. I have to giggle at the name of the color, because we know what eggplant emoji usually stands for (if you don’t a quick Google will help you out 😉) and that makes me think that the creator of XOXO must have a fabulous sense of humor. The carriers come in many gorgeous colors with CYAN-tific being a favorite of mine as well as Greyscale that is the perfect neutral color. 

[Image of Teresa front carrying her toddler in the XOXO carrier with one shoulder flipped. She smiles looking away from camera while her toddler looks the opposite way as they stand lakeside]

I suggest reviewing the instructions thoroughly before strapping this carrier on. You’ll want to ensure you are placing the wrap straps the right way, a mistake I made in the beginning that resulted in a spot at my toddler’s knee not fitting as snuggly as it should have.

[Close up image of a front carry tied under bum while Teresa cradles her toddlers feet]

Some things I liked about the XOXO carrier:

  • Buckle waist prevents seat popping
  • Easy care machine washable, air dry 
  • Easy to put on in front and hip carry
  • The Eco2 material offers some grip so knots and passes hold nicely
  • Can do a better variety of carries then a meh dai can
  • Still able to do fancy finishes
  • The length allows wearers or all sizes to use this carrier
  • Suitable from newborn (7 lbs) to toddler

    Some things I don’t love:

    • Back carries are not easy at first. It took a bit of practice. Maybe because I’m used to woven wraps or meh dai’s that create a back panel and I can hip scoot easily with those
    • If your baby is a leaner, I wouldn’t recommend this carrier in a back carry, however the other three styles of carries would be acceptable
    [Close up image of the carrier logo, a black lable with white XOXO wording and a toddler hand beside it]

    I would definitely recommend this carrier to parents or caregivers that are interested in wrapping but love the ease of a buckle carrier. I really love how it will fit all sizes of wearers and will last you throughout all of your babywearing days. It folds up small and you can throw it into your diaper bag, and I can see male wearers liking it due to the ease of use and it’s easy care.

    Big thanks to Lollypop Kids for letting us play with the XOXO Baby Carrier and if you keep an eye on my Facebook Page you could win one of your own!

    Check out Lollypop Kids for all of your carrier needs and SO much more like cloth diapers, the coolest utencils and sippy cups, kids accessories (I love the kids sunglasses!) and much more. 

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    Photos courtesy of Stronghold Photography

    [Series of 6 images of Teresa carrying her toddler in the Eggplant Emoji buckle wrap. 4 images in a front carry at the lake and 2 images back carrying using a fancy cccb with Brittany Rose finish]

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