Yaro Autumn Rainbow Review


Company: Yaro Slings

Wrap name: Autumn Rainbow

Blend: 100 % cotton

Size: 4.6m

230 gsm

Baby: 5 months old, 16 lbs

I received this wrap and it was quite soft to the touch right in the loom state. The colors were vibrant and beautiful, which was exactly what attracted me to it to begin with. The La Vita print is one of my favorite that I have seen Yaro has to offer.

My first successful back carry in a back wrap cross carry (BWCC) was with this woven. There is a medium amount of stretch to it, which is why I think it is so easy to wrap with. With Yaro wraps, there is no “right” or “wrong” sides, to allow the customer to wear it on both sides. As you can see in in the back carry photo ,the pleats came effortlessly, which I hadn’t yet experienced with any woven wraps at the time. Those were the most beautiful pleats we have accomplished in our babywearing journey so far!

2016-01-14 13.30.40

Yaro Slings are very budget friendly, which is what definately makes them a “momma luvz” pick for me. Who doesn’t want an amazing print, soft, easy to wrap with woven for a great price? It makes me want to try more Yaro products in the future. I’ve had my eye on their repreve blend lately, it is a must try on my list for sure.


If you are new to babywearing, and are not looking to start off spending big bucks, I highly recommend trying Yaro slings!

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