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Welcome to Momma Luvz

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Welcome! My name is Teresa and I have been considering starting a blog for the last few years now, well now I’ve finally done it! I hope it can grow eventually into a place where I can share my thoughts on products, have discussions about mom life, parenting, and a huge passion of mine, babywearing!

I grew up in the Yukon Territories, Canada in a very small isolated community. I ventured out to British Columbia, and eventually landed in Alberta and worked my way into a Store Manager role in a ladies fashion company 12 years ago. Through that company, I got many opportunities for other roles within the company such as District Manager, Trainer and Recruiter. Over my years I’ve developed a passion for working with people and training them to utilize their skills to the fullest. I was able to use my career as an outlet to enjoy another love of mine, fashion.


I had my first daughter at the age of 26, and welcomed a second daughter in September 2015. When my second daughter was 5 weeks old I was introduced to my latest love, babywearing. Over the first few months I attended babywearing play dates with our local group and met some great friends along the way. After quite a few play dates, I was asked to demonstrate some of my newly acquired wrapping abilities. I was nervous because I thought, I’m not qualified for this! The ladies I demonstrated to assured me that they enjoyed learning from me which brought me to exploring taking a baby wearing educators course. I’m very proud I got to complete my Level 1 Babywearing Course through the Canadian Babywearing School.

After some time, I was chosen by a company to test a new woven wrap for them. How exciting! The idea of testing wraps and carriers is so much fun. Then I thought, why not more? Which brings me to this blog, to use as an outlet to share my reviews on anything baby and momma, with all my fellow mommas and caregivers.


I know between my love for training and babywearing I can have some fun with this and hopefully readers can enjoy my reviews and posts too. If you want to work with me, be sure to check out my Contact link in the menu. I am always looking for new companies to work with and new products to try. Thanks for reading!