Meal planning: Seven Healthy Dinner Ideas


Weeks ago (okay months) I asked on my Facebook page if people thought they would like to see meal plans on my blog and got a great response. With starting back to work part time it’s been a balancing act to do everything I want on the blog, and my family always takes priority so […]

January 12, 2018

Chicken & Dumplings: Delectable Comfort Food


As soon as fall and winter hits I search for recipes that keep me warm like soups and stews. There is something comforting about a big bowl of hot soup on a cold day right? Chicken & Dumplings is a recipe that will leave your family feeling warm, full and satisfied. Chicken & Dumplings was […]

October 16, 2017

Family Favorites: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins


Fall is upon us which means pumpkin season is here! If your searching for a muffin that is moist and full of the pumpkin flavor you crave this fall, you have found your match. Offering a rich pop of cream cheese this recipe always has my family wanting more. If you’re like me you are […]

October 3, 2017

Family Favorites: 2 Loaf Homemade Bread


Who loves that amazing smell of homemade bread baking? Everyone does! Recipe number two in my Family Favorites series is a delicious homemade bread recipe that my family begs for on a regular basis. It’s extra yummy for great sandwiches, french toast, or if you prefer you can turn it into buns to have as […]

September 21, 2017

Yummy Family Favorites: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


Let’s get baking! Everyone needs some comfort food every now and then right? Here is my family’s favorite chocolate chip cookies. Fresh new series on the blog: Family Favorites. I’ll be sharing some of our top recipes I use often and figured baked goods is a great place to start since everyone loves a yummy […]

August 28, 2017