Carrier & Woven Wrap Reviews

Mairash by Willow Tree Wovens 

I’m so happy I got a chance to try this beautiful handwoven created by Rebecca, the weaver at Willow Tree Wovens.

Mairash is a Ringspun cotton warp and Sea Island Cotton weft in a crackle inspired weave. The sunset colored grad is absolutely stunning, and it literally glows in photos. This 4.6m handwoven held up for a 45 minute walk while carrying my 25lb toddler with ease. It’s got a decent amount of grip which I felt while tightening robins hip carry. The grip helps hold the wrap in place but not so much that it’s tough to create multipass carries with, and holds a knot well.

There isn’t much stretch or bounce in this wrap, making it great to carry my bouncing toddler in. I wrapped a fwcc, dh, ccc with rings, robins hip and a ruck carry with Mairash. I loved it in Charlie’s Cross Carry (ccc) and experienced no discomfort for our long walk in this carry. I did experience a bit of dig on my shoulders in a Ruck, so I’d probably avoid ruck with this wrap.

Thank you for the pleasure of hosting this wrap Rebecca! You can join the Facebook chatter group here to see more from Willow Tree Wovens.

[Series of photos of Teresa carrying her toddler outdoors in multiple carries. There are some close up photos of chest pass with cccb, ccc with rings, toddler sleeping on mom’s back. In two photos Teresa carries her kindergarden age daughter and shows a fancy Rainer’s Heart finish]